Wednesday, November 4, 2015

G.I.G-Day 4

  Today was a very full day, that is why this is so late. As a matter of fact, I almost forgot. The Holy Spirit graciously reminded me as I was headed to bed. He is good like that. ;)

    My niece, the one who received the heart transplant, had an exceptionally rough day. She was airlifted to a hospital in Nashville, and is even now in the ICU. However, if her mother (my sister) can be grateful despite those circumstances, I can be, too.

The four things I am thankful for today:

1. The tens of *thousands* of people praying for sweet Gracey. It is humbling and awe-striking to see the family of God come together in such a mighty way. If I had a *penny* for each person who was praying for her today I would be wealthy in terms of monetary gain. In terms of spiritual wealth, though, I am overflowing.

2. The wonder that is Facebook. It gets a bad rep, but to get the word out to pray to all those people, it was a gift from God. Instantly, Gracey's page was flooded with words of encouragement and promises to pray.

3. That Gracey is here. This time last year we truly did not know if she would be here for her first birthday. She is a fighter, and she is truly a testimony of the healing powers of God and prayer.

4. The wonder of organ donation. It doesn't make sense, that loss should equal gain, but in the terms of organ donation, it does. The precious family that lost a sweet little one truly gave the most valuable gift that they could in the time of their worst sorrow. I will never stop being grateful for that sacrifice, because without it our sweet Gracey would never have been able to reach this point.

Please, keep her in your prayers. Her short life has been full of more difficulties than several adults combined, and her sweet family is so very weary. Questions are many and answers are few and that is the very best place for prayers. Thank you.


  1. Like you and all the rest of our family today has been full of thoughts and prayers for Gracey. This precious little one has touched the hearts and lives of so many people today. I am so very thankful that I had the opportunity to actually get to hold her, hug her, and laugh with her when we were in Spokane. With much thankfulness I am very grateful for the progress Gracey has made and all of the milestones she has accomplished. I am praying for her to have a restful night and that Robyn and Steve will also be able to sleep and rest. Blessings are bountiful as we think of being thankful for we have so much. It can be overwhelming at times when there are so many people around but I am very blessed by having so much family! Thank you, God!

    1. I am completely overwhelmed that total strangers are praying heartfelt prayers for little Gracey. But it is so wonderful to know that our family has been drawn so close through all of this. It is definitely a sweet spot in the midst of trials.



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