Sunday, November 29, 2015

G.I.G.-Day 28

  These last few days are where the rubber meets the road. It is easy to think of thankful things in the days and weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, everyone is talking about it and promoting the idea of gratitude. However, now we are in "Christmas" full swing (not that I mind) but it is really testing my mettle to continue with this challenge. However, as I told my husband just today, I did *not* want it to be easy! The whole meaning of challenge is a test, something that requires above average output. My lists may become increasingly more random, but that's okay, it doesn't mean I am any less thankful.

Today I am thankful for:

1. Table top games. I was introduced to this term recently, we always called them "board games" or just "games" growing up, but whatever the term, I really like them!

2. Pizza. We had it two nights in a row and I am *still* thankful for it. It is truly one of my favorite foods.

3. Vocabulary. I am thankful that there are a variety of words to use to express myself, and I love learning new ones!

4. Spell check. It doesn't render all writings mistake-free, but it certainly does help.

5. Toothbrushes. On my behalf, and that of others.

6. Kelly taking our Christmas card photos. She did a really great job, especially considering she doesn't have too much practice with rambunctious, non-cooperative families. ;)

7. Button-front shirts. Instantly ups the class of any outfit.

8. That my jaw quit hurting. I was struggling with clenching my teeth (due to stress) and I think it has finally resolved.

9. Snow. I don't love the cold, but snow is so beautiful and festive, so I will think of its positive attributes.

10. Bible websites. They make learning about the Word so much easier, and I think it is just wonderful that there are so many free ones.

11. Mugs. Because it makes it so much easier to enjoy coffee. And hot chocolate.

12. Gloves. Especially the kind that have the touch-compatible fingers. This time of year I keep a pair in every coat!

13. Cheesecake. I love cheesecake. It is the perfect dessert to me!

14. Computers. They often frustrate me, but I couldn't imagine life without them.

15. Chapstick. My lips need it badly this time of year.

16. Lotion. Ditto the above, for my skin.

17. Alphabetization. Follow me on this one: it makes organizing so many things simpler, and it is just darn neat!

18. Friends who are doing this challenge with me. It is keeping me accountable, and is so encouraging!

19. Commenters on my blog and Facebook page. I am not "fishing" here, but it really is wonderful when someone takes a minute to leave a little message for me. It really brightens my day.

20. That I already bought the stamps for my Christmas cards. I love marking little things like that off my to-do list.

21. Curling irons. Otherwise, my hair would be hopelessly straight.

22. Colors. I know this is very abstract, but I am thankful for a creative God who loves variety and color.

23. My lime green sofa pillows. They make me happy. And they are so plump!

24. Christmas parties. I have a few on the calendar in the next weeks and I am looking forward to each of them.

25. My Christmas CDs. I am looking forward to getting them out. I have a carefully selected collection and I love every one.

26. Trays. I use them for lots of things: carrying food, organizing things, on my end tables instead of coasters. I really like them.

27. Candles. They smell good, and the flames are really enchanting.

28. That there are some things I will never have to do again. Like have my wisdom teeth removed. I am glad you only have to do that once, and I already have!

    Are you done being thankful this month? Or are you pleasantly surprised to still find things to list?

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