Friday, July 22, 2016

Coffee and Chocolate Thank-You

                  Sometimes I want to put together a super-cute. pun-tastic, multi-part thank-you (These S'Mores Jars, for example.). And other times, especially when I need quite a few, I want something that comes together in about five minutes. These. These are that thing. So.Easy.

      I put these together for the kids' VBS teachers this week. I have never sent my kids to another VBS in town that I haven't volunteered at, but Jocelyn had seen an advertisement, and I had a meeting with the director to pick her brain (I'm directing VBS at our church) and I decided that I felt comfortable sending them there. Who knew having every morning from 9am-noon to myself would be so fun? Probably moms who send their kids to public school...I digress. Anyway, I know how much work it is to volunteer for VBS, so I wanted to show my gratitude with a small token.

   The basis behind these is simple: *most* people appreciate candy and coffee, even if only on rare occasion. And when you are exhausted from a week of wrangling other peoples' kids, and months of planning beforehand, there are few things you want more than coffee, some chocolate and a nap! Thus, combined with a great sale on Frappuccinos at Costco, this idea was born!

   No pun this time, (I know, crazy, right?!) but I thought it was cute nevertheless. The label reads:
"After this week you deserve coffee, chocolate and a nap. We can provide two out of three. Thank you for serving the Lord wholeheartedly. Ephesians 6:7" 
   The great part is that these labels are not specialized to VBS volunteers. You could give them to your child's teacher after the first week of school, or to their camp counselors. Or to their coach or music teacher after a week prepping for competition or recitals. Or to any volunteer for a high-prep event that requires a week's worth of work!

   The components require precious little thought. If you have a gaggle of people that need thank-yous like I did, buy the 36 variety Mars chocolate pack from Costco and the 15 bottle Frappuccino pack of coffees. Then you just need some cardstock to print the labels, and some cute ribbon. It was the happiest of coincidences that I had this arrow ribbon from Hobby Lobby on hand. It is an *exact* match to the labels! I didn't plan it that way, I promise, but I was *super* happy with how it turned out!

   The labels require a 2 and 1/2 inch circle punch. I then just used a standard hole punch to thread the ribbon through. I pulled both sides of the ribbon through at the same time, and then the label is actually held on by the fact that it can't slip off over the knot, rather than actually being tied-on, but that is just a personal aesthetic preference.

Here is the printable. Can I just tell you how excited I was that I was able to save it and post it here? Soooo excited!

Coffee and Candy Thank-You Label

Let me know what you think!


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