Monday, March 1, 2010

Post on Blog

I read a post today on a blog that I have never visited before. I will not post the link because she used some rather vulgar language (there is not a rating system for blogs!) I kind of got the point of what she was trying to say. The post was about not being jealous of huge bloggers with tons of comments (Bakerella or Pioneer Woman anybody?) because everybody started out small.

Not only that, but what are you blogging for? I love, love, love comments. I would have to be dead to not enjoy feedback, especially of the positive kind. However, I really need to blog for myself. I need a place to record memories, flesh out my strange thoughts, and basically just see myself "in print"! I won't lie and say that I don't entertain thoughts that one day I will have 100+ comments. But then I remember all the blogs that I read, some only once and others more frequently, that I never leave a comment on. That doesn't mean that no one is reading it, it may be that they didn't really feel like they needed to leave a comment. Plus, I am a little unsure as to proper blog etiquette. I don't know if people will like me "creeping" on them! I guess I really should leave feedback, but truly I often have nothing nice to say. Sometimes it is because I am jealous, other times I may not agree. I'm guessing that there are a few people out there (mostly related to me) who read my blog and never comment.

Blogging makes me happy though. Even the days that I don't get any comments. I realize that I would have to put A LOT more effort into this if I wanted to build it into something that garnered a wider audience. But for right now, I am happy with what is, in essence, talking to myself!:)


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