Thursday, July 23, 2009

Worse for the Waiting

We are getting closer now, and in some ways it was worse than it was a month ago. I have been trying to stay busy so that I am not counting the minutes (even though since we don't have an "official" date I don't even know how many minutes there are!) but even that is not working so well! Jocelyn asks me about 5 times a day, "Is it August yet, when my daddy will be home for real?" Just so you know, "for real" differentiates between him coming home to stay, and just to visit for R & R. I have done so much recently you would think that I would just want to relax but, no, I just don't want to relax until it is with Joel!

I just got home from my parents last Wednesday and have had two lunch dates, a board meeting (I was asked to be childcare liaison for PWOC and if you don't know what means suffice it to say A LOT of work!) a baby shower, and company that arrived on Saturday. My friend Ruth and her cousin Rachel drove down from Illinois to spend their vacation touring Southern Colorado.

Yesterday, we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens. It was fun, not too hot. Jocelyn was so cute, she loved petting the "tickly" lambs' ears (of course, the plant variety). I loved the zen Japenese garden. Carson did too, but that mostly had to do with his deep desire to swim with the koi! We also stopped by the 16th Street Mall (a first for me). We didn't really do any shopping but we did have lunch at a cool place called "Mad Greens" that made terrific salads. We also got to ride the light rail bus which both the kids loved. Then on the way home we stopped at the Castle Rock outlets to take advantage of some great deals at the Children's Place. I got some steals on summer things for the kids next year.

However, even with all that fun I am still just itching with anticipation. A year (even one short by few weeks) is still a really, really, loooong time to be without your honey. I guess I will just keep plugging away... And it doesn't hurt that I have doctor's appointments, another baby shower, PWOC duties, more company coming and lots of "chores" to take care of between now and then. I guess I better get cracking!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stop and See the Rocks

So, I'm driving today (seriously, I have all my best epiphanies while I am driving) and I am thinking about where my friends and I are going to lunch, that the driver in front of me is going too slow, that Josie should be sleeping so she won't be such a crab later and a bunch of other miscellaneous things. I am looking at the car in front of me, obeying all the traffic signs and staying in my lane. Good, right? Yeah. Except for that I was driving through the Garden of the Gods.

I had met Ruth and Rachel there after church so that we could go to lunch. I have been there several times (if you have lived in, or even visited Colorado Springs you have been there multiple times.)but not really recently. I finally look up as I am about to exit the park and realize that I have missed all the amazing scenery that makes that place such an attraction. Sure, I wasn't doing anything wrong, I was just going about my business. I was doing all the "right" things. But, I had missed all the God things that were surrounding me.

When I finally stopped to look around me I saw those beautiful rock formations that only my awesome God could have made and I felt ashamed. I had been so caught up in the "everydayness" of living that I couldn't take five minutes to appreciate His creativity and thoughtfulness. I guess that probably happens more than I care to admit, and probably a lot more often than I realize. I think that the joy is in the journey. Focusing on the end result (of heaven) is important, but God didn't make us robots. I am sure that it must make Him happy when we take time to appreciate the little things like a child's laugh,a pretty weed or a free coffee. And especially when we take time for the big, huge things like a husband's safe return from Iraq, or a baby being born or enormous rock formations. :)


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