Sunday, November 15, 2015

G.I.G.-Day 15

     I pretty much always give myself the day after an event "off". Today, that was definitely the case. I figure if I had  a "real" job, I could take a day off every now and then, so I justify it that way. Also, just being honest, sometimes my anxiety just demands it! However, offering God gratitude should never be something we need a break from, so let the thankfulness continue!

Today I am thankful for:

1. A day to take "off". The Lord Himself started the practice of the Sabbath, and I am thankful that I can continue it.

2. Worship music. It can sound a lot of different ways, and certainly they aren't all my style. I don't love every song (some of them don't even make sense to me!), but I am thankful we can use song to bring praise to the Lord.

3. That the cat is out of the bag. The event yesterday was a "meet and greet for a prospective pastor for our church! As a member of our Pastor Search Committee, I am so glad that the church finally got to meet him (and his lovely wife).

4. And success at long last! He was unanimously voted in and they accepted! My multiple exclamations points do not really express how excited I am about that!

5. And the end is in sight! Being part of the PSC was taxing-responsibilities, emotions, work. I am thankful that we worked ourselves out of a job!

6. That I was able to be a part of that team. When you spend several hours every week with the same group of people, you get to know them fairly well. I have developed a lot of respect and love for those six other committee members.

7. That our journey isn't over. It is just beginning! Driscoll has an amazing God-sized mission ahead of them, and I get to be a part of that! I can't wait to see what He has in store, and I think our new pastor will be an integral part of casting that vision.

8. Corporate prayer. The more mature I get, the more I realize that you just can't pray too much. I am so in love with praying as a Body, though. It gets me really excited when there are 2 or 3, so ten or twenty times that many? That's dynamite!

9. Initial excitement. Many think this is overrated, but I say, take advantage of it while you can! Use it to get a good start and make as much headway as you can. I know we are in the throes of the "new love" stage and I think that is something to be thankful for.

10. Hugs. I am NOT a hugger. I am the opposite, some might say a porcupine. However, those squishy people sandwiches have their place. If I give you one, consider yourself having gained VIP status.

11. People who like my kids. This, this is a blessing. I live with my creatures day in and day out. Parents who only say nice things about their kids are liars and they frustrate me. However, I do love both my little attitudes-on-legs and when other people are willing to spend time with them, and have nice things to say about them? That makes me deliriously thankful.

12. Hot coffee. On a cold, rainy day. With some of my favorite people. Consumed in a leisurely fashion. Enough said.

13. Sharing memories. Of my grandmother. Of my babies. Of my dating years. Of my siblings. Of God's grace and mercy. I am thankful that God gave us a memory so we can remember so many sweet things and that we can bless others by sharing them.

14. Notebooks. I love blogging, but there is something wonderful about actual pen-to-paper writing. I have dozens of half-filled notebooks, and they make me happy.

15. Lists. If this challenge isn't enough evidence, I don't know what it is. I love a list, and I am thankful that God allowed them to be part of of the human experience.

    Any *big* things to be thankful for? Is "lists" on your list? :)

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  1. Glad your church finally has a pastor. God bless you all!!



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