Tuesday, November 24, 2015

G.I.G.-Day 23

 It is late, so I will cut straight to the chase.

Today I am thankful:

1. For "free" fun. We volunteered to help with the Zero Waste effort at Gonzaga and it was a lot of fun.

2. For ice cream in waffle cones. Especially if it is free as a "thank you" for volunteering!

3. For french fries. Especially when they are steak cut.

4. For kids who appreciate simple pleasures. I would like to think they learned that from me and their dad.

5. For being together as a family. I am truly thankful for this every day, I just happened to mention it today.

6. For my brother-in-law Daniel. We lovingly call him "the Lorax" because he is jut the "greenest" guy I know. I appreciate many things about him, not the least of which is his passion for sustainability and incredible knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. I am thankful Katy (and God!) brought him into our family.

7. For samples. The kind they give out from Costco. They are just fun!

8. For kind strangers. You don't realize how many opportunities you have during the day to really be nice to someone, until you are on the receiving end in a service position. I am glad that some people are really out-of-their way kind.

9. For car washes. Especially after you car endured a ridiculous wind storm and has been filthy for a week.

10. For time to catch my breath. It seems life has been incredibly hectic for like...the past year! Yesterday and today have been a pleasant opportunity to not feel like I was going non-stop.

11. For chances to share my opinion. I am not always right, but it is always nice to feel heard.

12. That my grandmother seems to be doing better. The doctors feel like they have handle on what happened over the weekend and she seems to be on an upswing.

13. For my Keurig. My afternoon cup of coffee is one of my favorite rituals. I don't think I can actually operate a "real" coffee pot, so I am thankful for my little one-cup wonder.

14. For mocha mix. It makes my coffee just perfect!

15. For a trash dumpster. I have T.D.A. That stands for "Trash Day Anxiety". It is hereditary, I got it from my mother. Having a dumpster that I am *not* responsible for taking to the curb is the cure for TDA. It is one of those ridiculous little things, but honestly: I am grateful for it.

16. For fresh contact lenses. If you don't wear contacts, you won't understand, but putting in new lenses-it is so wonderful.

17. For hand-me-downs. For both me and the kids. It is a great way to help the earth, and my pocketbook! And my kids actually think hand-me-downs are better than new clothes. They are more special to them!

18. For a generous family. Curriculum, clothes, and a million other little things (especially cups of coffee!). All my extended family is willing to give with no strings attached, and it makes my world a better place.

19. For this time of year. And I don't just mean Christmas. There is something I really love about November. It holds so much promise.

20. For thoughts of heaven. I have been reading C.S. Lewis' "The Last Battle" with the kids, and the images of heaven that he paints just fill my heart with joy.

21. For gift wrap. Wrapping wins over bags any day in my book-and presentation is everything!

22. For laughter. God was so gracious to give us humor and the ability to appreciate the funny side of life. It makes things bearable.

23. For public bathrooms. I am pretty sure that we take this for granted far too often. If you have ever had need of one and been unable to find one, you get why this made the list!

    The randomness clearly never ceases! Are you thankful for bathrooms today, or something more serious?

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