Sunday, November 8, 2015

G.I.G-Day 8

   We had an excellent sermon this morning that reminded me that a huge part of gratitude is remembering what God has done for you. I have a thing for "memorial stones"-marking the times when God's faithfulness has been overwhelming apparent so that you can remember them. And it is impossible not to be thankful for His provision in those times. Today, I have been flooded with those remembrances, and just live the writer of Psalm 136, after each of these memories I can loudly (and usually with tears) proclaim, "His love endures FOREVER!" (Psalm 136:1b NIV).

Today I am thankful for:

1. Jocelyn's early delivery. Exactly two weeks before her due date, 3 days before her daddy deployed to Iraq, and right on time for God.

2. Joel's release from the Army. I could write a book about God's provision during that time, and we are still being blessed by that event today-and not just because he doesn't have to deploy every 18-24 months.

3. Our move to Washington. The Lord just worked everything out-it was beautiful, and so very Him.

4. Gracelyn's heart. I am *not* counting this twice. I wrote about it here, but guys! SHE HAS A NEW HEART!

5. God being smarter than I am. Carson (his conception, just to be clear) was a surprise, and one I needed so much more than I realized.

6. Every move I had to endure as a child. Each one brought me closer to where God wanted me to be, and I wouldn't trade one step along the way.

7. Joel's job. God orchestrated that one so well...He is

8. VBS. This is really just a whole bunch in to one-attendance, provision, young hearts receiving salvation... VBS memories give me chill. Want to watch God work? Invite a whole bunch of kids into your church, work your buns off, and HE WILL COME!

Yep, yep, thinking about all these memorial stones makes me want to yell. Stand on the rooftops and proclaim His awesomeness to everyone around. I will stop writing, but I will not stop basking in the glow from these snapshots of His faithful and enduring love. Memorial stones and gratitude? Inseparable, I say. What has God done for you?

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