Monday, November 30, 2015

G.I.G.-Day 30

      I made it! When I imagined what I would be feeling by the end of this challenge, I didn't picture it being quite such a difficult month. Even now, my maternal grandmother is still in the hospital, and my niece has been re-admitted for the second time. The sad part is, that all those difficult things made me realize something: personally, I don't struggle as much with praising God in the difficult things that are major. Rather, I had the hardest days being grateful when the ordinary problems of life, the little frustrations and minor inconveniences, seemed to pile up. Today was one of those days, but I can still be thankful.

Today I am thankful:

1.For a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I started experiencing some pretty intense pain in my shoulder, and I am thankful that a medical professional is going to be able to check it out soon.

2. For successful ideas. I am so glad when something works out the way I pictured it.

3. For clean sheets. Going to bed is always lovely, but the pleasure is doubled when the linens are fresh.

4. For books that make me cry-in a good way. The kids and I just finished the "Chronicles of Narnia" series. The end makes me cry. every. time. And I love it!

5. For thoughts of heaven. I want to meet the Lord on His time, but I am so looking forward to going "home" when that day comes.

6. For a husband who grills. And does it well! Steak is always good, no matter that it was only 20 degrees out.

7. For kids who love asparagus. I hated it as a child, so I am glad they love it!

8. For muffins. I actually really love a muffin-but not for breakfast! I like them as a snack, especially if they have chocolate chips in them.

9. For modern medicines. I can't imagine living in a time when you couldn't take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to cure most of what ails you.

10. That each day is a new start. I may not have done all I wanted today, but tomorrow is another opportunity to glorify the Lord.

11. For cloth napkins. I don't use them because I'm "fancy", or snobby, or particularly "green". I just like the way they feel! I much prefer them over paper.

12. For my vacuum cleaner. Especially when I decide to dump an *entire* bag of chocolate chips all over my carpeted kitchen.

13. For different Bible translations and versions. I am currently reading Matthew in the "Message". I know many people feel that borders on blasphemy, but it is really giving me good insights.

14. That the rent is paid. We get to stay here for December, yay! ;)

15. That my mother made me learn how to type. It comes in pretty handy.

16. That Joel made most of dinner. It was great to have a night "off" that didn't involve eating out.

17. That I found something I was looking for. And the price was right! Bonus.

18. Challenging things. And I don't just mean this thankful one. I sometimes feel that I am stuck, or stunted, and I am glad the Lord allows things to come into my life to stretch and grow me, even if it makes me uncomfortable at the time, that later show me that He really has given me the ability to do more than I could have guessed.

19. That I live in a place of such prosperity that I get to *choose* to limit my things. That choice is not made for me by the state of my finances, or lack of accessibility.

20. That God's will is not hidden from me. He is just waiting for me to ask.

21. For bobby pins. Many a bun brought to you courtesy of them.

22. For the bulk bins at Winco. They are full of fun things! I found gummies to match my Christmas decor.

23. For all the seasons. I love all of them.

24. That it is the season for making candy. I *love* to make candy!

25. That Christmas makes me cry. Jesus is the reason for the season-and the tears.

26. That I get to set up our Christmas tree. Even if it is only a "fake" one.

27. For poetry. And the thoughts and beauty it can inspire.

28. For God's awesomeness. I really can't find the words to say much more about that.

29. That I have listed 465 things to be thankful for this month! (Including the next one.)

30. That even though this challenge is over, there is an endless supply of things to be thankful for, all possible because of Christ.

  I'm D-O-N-E with this challenge, and I feel pretty darn proud of myself! Did you make it?

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