Thursday, November 19, 2015

G.I.G.-Day 19

  I'm singing the same song I was last week: I am up to my eyeballs in party prep. This time it is for Josie's birthday, and as that is what has been consuming most of my time today, it is duly reflected in my list!

Today I am thankful for:

1. The party store. I didn't buy much there this time, but if you are looking for specialty items (especially of specific colors) you can't beat this place. It makes me happy-and thankful!

2. Walmart. I usually say how much I "hate" this place, but deep in my heart I am thankful for their selection, and the fact that I can get a wide variety of items there.

3. Balloons. I always say you need two things for a party: balloons and favors. As Pooh would say, "No one can be uncheered by a balloon"!

4. Perfect cupcakes. I baked 6 dozen cupcakes today. I didn't burn any of them, and all their tops rose beautifully! Win!

5. My Aunt's hospitality. I had planned on having the party at our church, since there is no way I could fit a dozen little girls in my teeny apartment. Buuuuut, it just so happens the power is still out there. :( So my Aunt Rachel to the rescue! She graciously offered to open her lovely home to the thronging horde, umm I mean party guests.

6. Amazon. They saved the day in the favor department!

7. Marshmallows. I really love marshmallows, and finding giant *cupcake* shaped ones? It was meant to be.

8. Ribbon. Seriously, party decor would not be as beautiful without it.

9. Frosting and cake mixes being on sale. Providential, this week, truly.

10. Flexibility. I am glad that we were able to move the party to a different location, so it didn't have to be cancelled.

11. Extra time. With all the cancelled activities this week, I had more time than I was anticipating. Which was wonderful, because I was woefully under-prepared.

12. Streamers. Another party classic.

13. Cellophane bags. I love these for a variety of reasons, but using them for packing favors is probably one of my favorites.

14. That my new phone came today. Self-explanatory.

15. That Joel was able to get my phones switched.

16. That all my stuff was able to be migrated to my new phone. This is especially important because I had tried to reset my phone to fix an issue and it *did* not respond well. I was really worried I would be starting from scratch with apps and contact info. No fun!

17. Printables. People who are willing to share their hard work on the Internet for me to use? For free? Bless them!

18. Paper punches. Any party decorator has at least a couple of these. I have a whole bunch and I use them all.the.time.

19. Evite. If having guests at the party was dependent on me sending invitations through the mail, let's just say we would be having rather "small" gatherings. I love that I can quickly send invitations for free (clearly an important feature to me!) and keep track of everything online means we aren't having parties with no guests.

 Note I did *not* put that I was thankful for parties...let's see what happens tomorrow. Pray for me!;)

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