Sunday, November 1, 2015

Growing In Gratitude-Day 1

    I haven't blogged much because I kind of feel stuck lately. I'm struggling with a lot of things that I haven't sorted out enough to be able to write about, or even sometimes talk about! I feel like I am walking around wearing a 100 lb. blanket of insecurity and it is really wearing on me. And it makes me feel like a whiner to even mention it.

    Part of it, I think, is that I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I don't have. And I don't mean just things that I can buy at Target. In the past, I would say I have been pretty good at recognizing, from large to small, things for which I am thankful. But lately, the "have nots" have been much louder than the "haves". And if I am tired of it, I can't even begin to imagine how the Lord feels!

So, as cliched as it may be, I figure this month is a great time to start. Being thankful, that is. I love seeing everyone post one thing they are thankful for each day on Facebook, but I am upping the ante for myself. I want to strengthen my "muscle" of gratitude, so to speak. So I am challenging myself to list the same number of things I am thankful for as the date of the month. I will start out small, and end with listing 30 things on the last day, hopefully going deeper and deeper in to a true attitude of gratitude! At the end of the month I should have 465 things for which I am thankful. Are you in?

Today is an easy one, because it is just one! 

1. I am thankful for the view out my window. There is a huge tree and it just makes me happy. It is a delightful reflection of the seasons and I never get tired of looking at it.

I'll see you tomorrow! Feel free to post your thankful thing in the comments, or let me know that you are joining in. Keep track of your thankful things on Facebook, in a notebook, on your blog-just be sure to write them down somewhere. :) 


  1. For this 1st day in November, I am thankful for the rain falling on our state. We have been parched and this is the beginning of wonderful rain in California.

  2. It has been raining here, too, and after our summer I know what you mean! I will be praying that He keeps pouring. ;)



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