Monday, November 23, 2015

G.I.G.-Day 22

    Sometimes the loveliest days are the ones that you are not expecting to be particularly lovely, just rather ordinary. That was today. Nothing special, but that was part of its charm.

Today I am thankful:

1. That even though the power was still out at the church, we had service anyway. It was a particularly good service, too.

2. That we have someone in our church who plays acoustic guitar. So that we could instruments to go with our singing, even without power.

3. That people were good sports about the whole thing. Sometimes it is hard, especially as adults, to put up with little minor inconveniences, but no one complained.

4. For hot showers. I do not lack appreciation for being clean, but not only that, but for how nice the whole task itself is.

5. For a little time to myself. I do not often have time alone at home, but today I did. I don't like to spend too much time by myself, but as it is a rare occurrence, I appreciated it.

6. For old movies. I adore the styles of the fifties, and entertained myself today by watching several classics I had never seen before.

7. For God coincidences. I had just written #6 when I got a text from Joel that he was with my sister, Kelly. Her car had been broken into while she was at work, and he "happened"  to be nearby. He was able to be there in 5 minutes to help her get things figured out. That, in my mind, is God working things out in His perfect way.

8. That she is safe. I am sad that someone thought breaking her window was an okay thing to do, but glad that she wasn't physically harmed in any way. Because windows can be replaced but sisters can't.

9. That I had a chance to  put Matthew 25:35 into action. I often miss those opportunities to "feed the hungry, and clothe the naked" because I overthink it. That didn't happen today.

10. For having dinner with my sister, Katy. We haven't had much time to see each other lately, so it was nice to hang out.

11. For our space heater. We don't use our baseboard heaters (for a myriad of reasons) and we don't need to with that little thing. It makes our living room toasty.

12. That ribbon was on clearance. In colors to match my Christmas decorations and coordinating gift wrap.

13. That I was able to make some progress on some projects on my list. I actually have a whole notebook dedicated to activities, to-do's, and events in the next few weeks. It was nice to check some things off!

14. That my basil is thriving. I am a notorious plant killer, and I have had this plant since September. I'm pretty sure that is a record!

15. For Master Blasts from Sonic. If you have never had the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Dream...well, I'm sad for you. It's epic.

16. For pebble ice. Also from Sonic. (That one is for you, Kate. ;) )

17. For deep conversations with thoughtful people. I love fluff, and superficial things at times. But other times I want to be challenged, and questioned. It helps me to grow and mature.

18. For listening ears. I am truly thankful for people who ask questions that they really want to hear the answers to, and are really concerned about you.

19. That I don't have an early morning. Because obviously, it is a late night-for me, anyway!

20. For lamps. I really detest overhead lighting, and I love how homey lamps make a place feel.

21. For Christmas carols. Yes, even in November. I won't apologize.

22. For keyboards. I don't think most of the time we even notice them, but we would be sorely tried to use all this technology without them. ;)

Despite the excitement between numbers 6 and 7, it was really a good day overall. How was your's?

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