Sunday, November 29, 2015

G.I.G.-Day 29

   Lest you should think that I had forgotten about the fourth member of my little family, I did not. Jocelyn got a list on her birthday, and I did one for Joel a couple of days ago, so I will have my Carson "thankful things" today. It isn't fair for him to get the whole 29 things, though, since I didn't even do that many for Joel, so I will mix it up a little.

Today I am thankful:

1. That Carson has the gift of hospitality. I certainly don't! But he loves to entertain and frequently invites people over.

2. That he is so loyal. If you are his friend, you are friends for life.

3. That he is so meticulous. I love his little detail-oriented personality.

4. That he has such a good memory. He keeps me on track all the time! He remembers names, appointments, my cell phone...I call him my "little brain".

5. That he loves to make me coffee. He makes me a cup pretty much every Sunday morning, and Thursdays during co-op quarters. It is so adorable-he calls it "new and improved Carson coffee" every time.

6. That he loves to help. The way to his heart is to ask him to help you with something. It makes him feel special (and comes in awfully handy!).

7. That he *likes* to do chores. Clean the bathroom, especially and vacuum.

8. That he is my cuddle bug. His love language is touch, and it took me a while to realize it (I don't even register on the chart for that one, its so far down on my personal list), but now I like that he curls up on the sofa next to me. He loves to have his hair petted, too!

9. That he is so persnickety about his appearance. Sometimes this makes me a teeny bit un-thankful (like when his favorite jeans are in the wash) but usually I appreciate that he gives thought to how he looks.

10. For his imagination. It may sometimes seem that his sister has cornered the market on creativity, but he has his fair share. I love the names he comes up with for his stuffed animals, and he is constantly coming up with nicknames for everyone (Including me-what he calls me changes on a daily basis!).

11. That he is so smart. Teaching him is usually a pleasure because he catches on so quickly and he doesn't mind seat work.

12. His ability to make friends. He has so many friends-at the complex, at church, at co-op. He has friends I don't even know about, I'm sure.

13. That he loves being outside. Sun, rain or snow, he is willing to be outside. I am glad I don't have to force him to go!

14. That he loves cooking. He recently learned to scramble eggs and wants to make them. all.the.time. He is dying to help me make Christmas candy!

15. That he loves reading the Bible. He is working really hard to read the "real" versions completely by himself.

16. His energy. He is constantly on the move-unless he is dead asleep.

17. That he loves our family. He really likes for the four of us to be together.

18. That he looks up to his dad. He couldn't have a better role model.

19. For his love for little people. He adores babies, and he is actually pretty good with them!

20. That he appreciates little things. He loves to hang out at the house and watch a movie, or get coffee. He is my little coffee buddy, obviously!

21. That he has his own personality. He likes to please people, but he still has his own opinions.

22. That he is thoughtful. He really considers other people's feelings.

23. That he loves giving gifts. He always wants to buy things for others that he thinks they would like.

24. That he is so loving and isn't afraid to show it. He will make a great husband and father some day!

Switching tracks...

25. For the great sermon today. I love it when I feel like it applies directly to my life.

26. For people who are praying for me. It is vital to my spiritual walk and means the world to me.

27. For good Sunday School curriculum. I love the Gospel Project we are using, I am learning so much.

28. For the Southern Baptist denomination. I am so proud to be SBC. I know we won't be the only ones in heaven, and lots of other churches teach the truth. But I love our missional focus, and adherence to the unadulterated Word of God.

29. For the people who work so hard to make our church work. And I am glad that sometimes I get to be one of them!

   How was your Sunday? Lots to be thankful for?

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