Tuesday, November 17, 2015

G.I.G.-Day 16

   I am tired. It is a long story, and I am not at liberty to share the details. I am trying to get my mind right to not be all negative and complaining but it is hard. I will do my darnedest to knock out today's thankful things anyway.

Today I am thankful for:

1. My sofa. This time last year we still had a futon.

2. Skipping school. We took a day off today. It was nice.

3. No cavities. Both the kids had check-ups today at the dentist and neither had any cavities! Yay!

4. Deodorant. This modern marvel makes life oh so much better.

5. Scarves. I love these accessories.

6. Soup. Tomato, broccoli cheddar, potato, zuppa toscano, I like most of them. And nothing is more comforting on a cold day.

7. Glasses. I don't love wearing them, but I love stumbling around wildly even less. I have worn them most of my life, and I appreciate that while they are not a cure for my poor vision, they can correct it.

8. Ibuprofen. I try not to take it excessively, but there are some days that it is what keeps me going.

9. Nice customer service reps. I didn't get what I needed to do done, but the girl I talked with today was very nice. I can appreciate that.

10. Our bed. My 6'4" husband and I shared a full size bed for the first five years of our marriage. When we finally got a king I was so happy. I haven't stopped being happy about it since.

11. The ability to mend. I mean sewing. There is something soothing and satisfying about closing up a small rip or putting a button back on.

12. Space heaters. Our apartment is small, and since I really dislike using our baseboard heaters, I am very thankful that I only need one to pretty much warm up the whole place.

13. Drying racks. I am very particular about my laundry, and since I don't exactly have a place to put an outdoor clothesline I am glad that I have a place to put things to air dry.

14. Cancelled plans. My schedule is overwhelming this week, but due to some unplanned events, it is a little less full now. I am definitely thankful for that.

15. All the people who have bought "Team Amazing Gracey" shirts. That is just a really cool thing to do, especially if she isn't someone you are related to. ;)

16. Spoons. I will end this random list with the randomest thing of all. Spoons are my favorite kind of silverware. I just really love them!

Any random things you are thankful for today? Or is your list a little more cohesive than mine?

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  1. Clare, I love reading your blog as you always have it so interesting. With the days of thankfulness you have far exceeded my expectations of what you would write. I love how some days it's so random and that makes me realize how thankful I am for my life, the roof over my head, forks, etc. Keep up the good work! Love you!!!



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