Tuesday, November 24, 2015

To Jocelyn, On Your Tenth Birthday

I am assuming by now that you are used to your brother photo-bombing...;)

Dear Jocelyn,
              Double-digits! Finally! You've been waiting for this day since your birthday last year. Ten *is* pretty special, but I think that about all of your birthdays. I was nervous about your party-you've never had that many girls before. I shouldn't have worried, you are always the consummate hostess, making everyone feel welcomed.

    I always admire that about you-you can talk to anyone. You aren't afraid people will like you, and you shouldn't be. Adults are always telling me that you are so friendly and polite. You might talk a little too much (you came by that honestly!) but I think people would rather have more than less.

   You have done so much growing up this year, and in the very best of ways. You've tried new things, like taking dance, that are helping you to mature and become a very godly young woman. You aren't afraid to be yourself, and that is good because you are pretty wonderful.

   Your birthday party had to be big, because you are friends with everyone! You probably would have invited ten more girls if I had let you. You can talk to anyone, and you see the best in everyone. Your bubbly, encouraging nature makes it hard to not like you!

     And I think the biggest reason why everyone likes you is because you are constantly seeking opportunities to be more like Jesus. You really care about what the Bible has to say to you,and you want to apply it. Your faith is enormous-you know the Lord is faithful, so why is there any reason to doubt? Once you accepted Jesus you did what you always do: jumped in with both feet. And you have never looked back. You inspire me with your walk, and that is pretty impressive, since I have been at it a while myself. ;)

    I know we are on a down-hill slope to the teenage years, and that makes many parents nervous. I don't know what that will look like, but if you stay on the path you are on, I think I might be in for some delightful surprises. You aren't perfect, you've never claimed to be, but you do want to be more like Jesus, and I think that will pull us through.

   For now, though, I plan on enjoying these sweet fleeting days, when you are still very much a little girl. You take joy in childish things, and I hope you hold onto that for as long as possible. You still love dolls, and playgrounds, and playing in the snow. I am going to try to keep those things fun for as long as I can. Your enthusiasm for the small things in life is something I pray you never outgrow.

     I will be praying for lots of things-but most of all, that you stay close to Jesus. No matter what life brings, He is what it is all about. You are His, and He has good, good things in store for you. And I am glad I get to be a part of that. I love you, my happy, charming little girl. I hope you had a wonderful birthday-you deserve it.

                                                                                 Love Always,

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