Friday, November 6, 2015

G.I.G-Day 6

   I spent the majority of today sorting, folding and putting away my kids' winter clothes. It is a sizable task each season, mostly because it involves hauling in containers from the garage, pulling everything out from their closet and drawers and realizing that they have grown a considerable amount from the last year. Honestly? It usually makes me pretty grumpy as it turns my house into a disaster. But since I am practicing thankfulness, I have decided to turn it into an opportunity for gratitude instead.

Today I am thankful for:

1. Growing kids. My mom always said that you would be sad if your kids stayed little forever, as that would mean something was wrong with them. I am grateful that their bodies are strong, and while it is hard to keep them in fitting pants, I know that is a privilege denied to many.

2. Living in a place with four seasons. We lived in Texas, and while I *do* love warmer weather, I wouldn't trade the beauty of celebrating each season in its time. I love them each for their own reason, even if they do require a biannual wardrobe change.

3. Winter clothes. I looooove sweaters. Seriously, I have a *giant*-I mean four foot long-container filled with knitted tops of all colors and kinds. I swooned when I opened it this year. I, on the other, hand, do not change sizes every six months! (That is a bonus thankful thing!)

4. Learning to limit. My kids are not into owning as many sweaters as I am, actually, they don't wear sweaters at all. They take after their hot-blooded father. As a rule, they wear the same things over and over. And I am finally learning to not buy them a bunch of stuff they won't wear! Good for the budget, and for the dresser drawers.

5. Laundry. Laundry means we have clothes to wear, and I have a washer (An "old-fashioned" agitator one! It works *so* well.) and a dryer, so it really isn't something I can complain about. Also, it means we have towels, and sheets, and so many other things that make life comfortable. It really is a blessing.

6. Coats. I love coats. Joel loves coats. My kids love coats. There is just something about bundling up against the weather, and sticking your hands in your pockets and finding gloves and knowing you will be cozy even when it is dreary and cold. I have several really fun ones ( A purple wool one, a red one, and a recent acquisition that is navy and red plaid!) and I really delight in wearing them.

    I really am glad today for this challenge. Giving thanks to the Lord for His goodness during a normally dreaded task kind of had a way of turning the whole thing around. Maybe there is something to this whole "give thanks in all things" stuff...

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