Tuesday, November 24, 2015

G.I.G.-Day 24

     Today is Jocelyn's birthday. I always write my kids a letter on their birthdays, and post it here on the blog. I thought about combining the two today, but that felt a little bit like cheating. So I will post the letter later, but I do want today to be all about Josie, and I know it won't be a problem to find twenty-four things that I am thankful for about her.

Today I am thankful that Josie is:

1. So loving. She really does love other people.

2. So kind. She likes to do little things to make others happy.

3. So helpful. She loves to clear strangers' trays at restaurants, much to their surprise. It is adorable.

4. So creative. I have never seen anyone who can literally take scraps and trash and turn them into cute and imaginative creations like she can.

5. So resilient. There isn't much that gets her down.

6. So happy. That is one of the first things almost everyone says about her!

7. So sweet. She has been leaving me the most thoughtful little notes lately-its adorable.

8. So brave. She is not afraid of anything-or anyone. Nothing daunts her.

9. So in love with Jesus. That has been my prayer for her since birth, and it has been answered over and over.

10. So mission-minded. She really does want the *whole* world to know about Jesus, and she is starting in her own backyard-literally.

11. So smart. She doesn't always show it, because she isn't concerned with "impressing" people, but she is pretty darn intelligent.

12. So adventurous. She loves to try new things.

13. Not easily pressured. I never realized what a blessing that is in a child until I had the opportunity to really observe them. She doesn't go with the crowd for the sake of pleasing others-and this has been a good thing more often than not.

14. Easy to get along with. People like to spend time with her.

14. Friendly. I had a hard time with this as a kid and I really admire it in her.

15. In love with the Word. Reading it, memorizing it, talking about it. I like to think she gets that from me. ;)

16. Persevering. She doesn't give up easily. 

17. Concerned with doing right. She really wants to obey the Lord, and probably more than anything else, that is how I get her to correct her behavior, by reminding her what God wants her to do.

18. Full of energy. She is always bouncing around, and never seems to tire of helping others.

19. A dedicated church-goer. She loves the Body and never gets tired of going to church. I have never had her complain about it.

20. Polite. Another things she often receives compliments on-it makes my heart happy.

21. A good big sister. She loves Carson, and is really a good example for him.

22. Teachable. She is strong-willed, but as she matures in Christ she becomes more and more willing to learn.

23. Easy to please. Little things make her happy, which makes it fun to give her any little thing. She isn't hard to buy things for.

24. Good at sharing. Really important since her brother is terrible at it.;)

  I could probably list even more things that I am thankful for, but I will talk about that in my letter. Who makes you thankful today?

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  1. Clare, I so enjoy reading your blog. Your loving, thoughtful, kind words are always so heartfelt. It makes me feel good to read them. You're so right about Josie...I love that she is all of those things and more. She is a delightful young lady and I always enjoy my time around her - even though it's usually only a short time. Maybe one day you will come to visit California...we'd love to have you come stay with us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Enjoy!!!



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