Monday, November 9, 2015

G.I.G.-Day 9


    Something happened today, that if there was ever a reason to say that I didn't have to list my thankful things for the day, it would be a darn good one. You see, my paternal grandmother passed away today. Death has a way of making you feel re-markedly un-grateful. It kind of makes you feel a little cheated, and definitely a whole lot sad.

   Don't get me wrong-she was a believer, and we do not mourn as those who have no hope. But it is hard not to think about what was, or even what might have been. My kids were blessed to have the opportunity to meet her, but they didn't really have the chance to know her. Her last few years were difficult ones, she wasn't in good health, and it is just difficult to think that they never knew the grandmother that I grew up knowing and loving. However, I am grateful for so many things about her, so in honor of her memory, my grateful things today are for my grandmother, Kaye.

Today I am thankful that:

1. She always believed in me. I "published" a "newspaper" when I was about 10. She gave me advance payment on a lifetime subscription-and pre-stamped envelopes to mail it in! She had no doubt I would be a successful writer.

2. She instilled an appreciation in me for the mail. I still have her address memorized, she frequently mailed us little packages when I was young, and expected letters in return. Her handwriting was a terrible scrawl, but I understood the illegible notes-probably because they were full of love.

3. She shared her love of traveling. I will never forget our trip to the Precious Moments Cathedral in Missouri. We ate at Cracker Barrel, and she made sure we stopped at the tiny Civil War museum on the way, and we visited Rocky Ridge (Laura Ingalls' final home). She adored a road trip, and definitely passed that on to me.

4. She taught me that creative doesn't have to be perfect. I didn't start crafting until I was an adult, but I know I got the gene in part from her. She was always making something, and she did it with love. Her home was always filled with partially finished projects, but she was the original believer that it didn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

5. She showed me how to love through giving. She was so generous, and even recently made sure Jocelyn had a sewing machine when she heard that Josie wanted one. She was always part of projects to give and care for others.

6. She showed me that fashion should be individual. She wore broomstick pleated skirts, giant jewelry and sweatshirts with cats on them. She wore what she loved, and wasn't afraid of what others thought. I try to emulate that with her flair.

7. She loved the underdog. The down-and-out, the hopeless, the outcast, the misfit. She always thought everyone deserved as many chances as she could give. She had the softest spot, though, for the worst cases. Everyone deserves a champion like that.

8. She wasn't afraid to cry. Anytime. All the time. She would apologize, but it didn't stop her. I struggle with feeling like it is a sign of weakness, but whenever I think of her, I know that really it can be a sign of strength.

9. She loved Jesus. That is definitely the thing I am the most thankful for today. I will miss her on this earth, she was probably the only person I knew who still called me by my given name, and I will miss hearing her wavery voice say it. I love you, Grandma and I am so glad that I will meet you again someday. I never doubted that you loved me, and I hope that you know how much I love you, too.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Grandmother Kaye! God bless you, Clare! Love you and your family so much!!!



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