Saturday, October 11, 2008

Snuggly Weather

We are having what is, at least in my mind, perfect fall weather. It is drizzly and cool, the best kind of stay-at-home weather. Not much induces me to want to stay home, but when it is all dreary and cold, then I do. I turned the heat on for the first time and it has that funny smell that heat has when it has been turned off all summer. I have on a fleecy jacket and I have had on socks all day. Summer turned quickly to autumn; just yesterday it was 75 degrees! I love it, though. It makes me thankful for all the great modern conviences like thermostats, windshield wipers and microwaves (to make popcorn and hot chocolate!). Josie and Carson are wearing long sleeves and pants; I love it when the seasons change so they can wear all the new clothes I have been stocking up on since last year. Don't get me wrong, I probably love a sunny day best of all;` but the first few cold,wet days are always fun, too. The problem is that here in Colorado you get to experience all the seasons at once. Tomorrow they are predicting snow!


  1. YOU SUCK!!!!
    Why would you want to rub that in your poor Texas sister's face?
    I am thinking if I have to keep reading all these "fally" blogs I will have to give up blog following!

    Just don't forget to keep a few short sleeves and stuff out for your upcoming visit to the Hades also known as Texas:)

  2. Robyn, you can rub it in our faces when we're freezing out tootsies off in April, while you're lounging around in shorts, taking sips from a glass with a little umbrella in it :)



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