Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Star Light, Star Bright

Today has been rather interesting, but rather than post the same old whiny song I thought I would take a different tack. This morning in Bible study the speaker was explaining Scriptures about astronomy in light of all the knowledge we have garnered about the universe. What an awesome God we serve. He is so creative, powerful, and awe-inspiring! I cannot believe that our planet, in our galaxy, taking up a little spot amongst so many other galaxies is the focus of His attention. We really are only little tiny specks, less than specks, yet He devotes Himself fully to us. And we bring Him joy! Amazing, it can really boggle your mind if you think about it.

It is crazy to think that He knows the names of billions and billions of stars-new ones being born and old ones dying all the time-but He takes the time to have a personal relationship with little ol' me. What else can I do but try my hardest to fully devote myself to Him? Yet, the same exact Deity that made the stars shine also commanded me to "Let there be light". I was dumbfounded to realize that I do not have to pray that the Lord will let my light shine. When I accepted His perfect gift of salvation, He lit my fire. It already shines. What it is up to me is how brightly I illuminate the world around me. What better way to honor my most Holy, Divine Creator than to try to be as bright as I can be! Thank You Lord, for creating a wonder-filled universe and allowing me a tiny, infinitesimal place it in. Thank You for allowing my life to be about so much more than the space I take up and for wanting a relationship with me. Thank You for igniting my fire; feed it so I can honor You by shining brightly.

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  1. You should write a daily devotional book. Your insights are very inspiring and I love reading your newly 'discovered' thoughts and ideas.

    Way to shine Clare :)



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