Sunday, October 5, 2008

Poking the Green-Eyed Monster

I have decided I am giving up jealousy for Lent. Really, I have decided wasting my time wanting to be someone else or even just to have their things is about the dumbest thing ever. I think it is about time we realize that pretty much everyone has something someone else desires. One friend may have lots of money, another may have a perfectly clean house, others may have great talents when it comes to sewing, photography or scrap-booking. I sometimes throw a great big "pity party" and tell myself that no one would want to be me, but it really isn't true. Everyone has something that is desirable to someone else. It is not that we should revel in feeling superior to others, but we should realize that we need to be content with what we have. For starters, there are plenty of people out there who would give their right arm to have such great kids as mine. What a disservice I am doing to myself to be jealous of someone else's talents or things, when I could be directing that energy to improving what I already have?

Another thing is that it keeps me from forming valuable relationships because it gives me a justification for disliking someone. I tell myself that it is acceptable to not spend time with someone I envy because being with them just reminds me of what I don't have. How about if I used that time to try to better myself instead? Although then that leads to the question of, "Do I really want to do _______ like they do?" The answer is usually "no". So instead I should admire their talents and love them for who they are. That will improve me for sure and maybe even be of service to them. I think that will give that old monster a good poke in the eye!

I will try to quit posting about this but it is really something the Holy Spirit is working on in my life. Seeing these posts helps me to remember my resolutions and gives me people to hold me accountable. I have learned that secret sins are the most nefarious (great word, huh?) and they have the most hold on you. Putting myself out there for everyone to see, warts and all, will enable me to grow and be the best Clare for the Lord. He wants me to be me, not anyone else. Now that is something I can be proud of!


  1. Good word for a Monday morning. =)I go through the exact same thing sometimes. It's nice to know I'm not alone!!
    ~ Jen

  2. Nefarious is a good word. I also like insidious. Different meanings, but both applicable to sin!

    Do you realize how many women would give their right arm to be able to get pregnant and have a biological child?! Your babies are a HUGE know it says so in the Bible :)

    Sometimes it helps to realize that being envious when something is unattainable is definitely no good (i.e: wanting a $500,000 house when you only make $50,000 a year). It helps tremendously to learn to be happy with what you have because it can really eat at you when you covet!

    Your mom has a McCain-Palin button that I'm coveting. But that's cheap...I'm just going to buy one :)

  3. Clare,
    Believe it or not I almost posted a blog that had the exact same premise yesterday, but I knew everyone would want to know about Gilly's Bday.
    And You know I have a strict one blog a day rule:)
    But seriously, lets hold each other accountable about this. You know I have truly been endeavoring to be more content, and you are so right to say uncontentedness stems from jealousy. So lets continually remind each other how fabulous and wonderfully made we really are!Love ya~ME



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