Friday, October 10, 2008


This has been another crazy, busy week. However, I do have some highlights. Monday was rather uneventful- did some cleaning and went to the commissary. Tuesday was good, even though I almost had a nervous break-down at PWOC (I think I may be a wee bit claustrophobic). However, Joel called and I had spent a nice afternoon with some Bible study friends. Wednesday we went to the zoo with some more friends and did lunch. Thursday I had a steering committee meeting for my Friday moms' group but the nice surprise was another friend took great photos of my kids that afternoon. It may be that I am little biased, but they may have been the best photos ever! :) I taught the lesson in Awana that night- not so sure how the kids' received the lesson, but I love working with them. I also was reminded of the precious gift of my salvation as I shared with the middle-schoolers about God's redemptive love. Their favorite part was the huge Costco cupcakes I brought- can't go wrong with food bribery! Today we had our moms' group, everything went well and we had a nice afternoon admiring our photos and relaxing. Now Josie and I are enjoying our 5,000th viewing of "Cinderella" and munching some "copcorn". I managed to keep the house together, too. That has probably been one of my most favorite parts! I am looking forward to tomorrow, too. I am getting together with a big group of high-school buddies for dinner and I think it will be great. Most importantly, I get to be kid-free because my friend is keeping the children! Yippee!


  1. I wish I was there to watch Cinderella! Also, I have never been one to turn down a giant "bupcake".

  2. You know what aunt's love? Pictures of their nieces and nephews. I LOVE pictures of the kids, so feel free to e-mail as many as you have time for. Love, Me.

  3. It was fun hanging out tonight as one of your "high school friends." =) Hope we can hang out again soon!!



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