Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sea Cows and Other Important Things

Today in my Bible study we were talking about the tabernacle. The tabernacle was covered in the hides of sea cows. What, you may ask, is a sea cow? That particular answer is beside the point, but just so you know it is basically a manatee. Anyway, that led us to discuss how the hides of said animal were obtained. Did the Lord appoint someone to hunt sea cows? Were they part of the plunder from Egypt? We really don't know, but it led me to ponder several things. First off, if there was someone who was in charge of obtaining the hides then they don't get much credit in the Bible, even though they were an important part of protecting the tabernacle. Secondly, the Lord obviously made sure that it was taken care of, even if we don't know how.

This led me to make some parallels to my own life. I may play an important part in witnessing to someone, or encouraging them in their faith, or providing for a need. However, I may not receive any credit on this side of heaven for what I have done. The reason is, most likely, that I haven't really done anything. The Lord really did it, He didn't need me, although He will use me if I am willing. He works in mysterious ways, ways I can't see or understand. I may not even realize what He is doing, or how He is doing it. I probably won't see the effect He allowed me to have. The point really in my mind is we can't question what the Lord asks us to do. We can't judge whether or not it is important. We just have to trust that His ways are not our ways. We must make sure we do whatever He asks of us-even if it involves obtaining the hides of large sea mammals. :)


  1. Clare! This is probably extremely random but...it's Jessica Long (now Maag) - we used to meet in Columbia every few months? Then I lost you! I've missed you but I am glad you seem to be doing well. I am overwhelmed that you have 2 kids! I would love to catch up if you would :o) (p.s. - Amber tipped me off to your blog when I asked about you hehe)

  2. Hi, nice post here... I like your blog. I hope you don't mind that I add your blog to my list. Please tell me so that I can remove it. God bless.



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