Thursday, October 16, 2008

16 Things

I am an in a funk again today. I am tired of my own bad attitude, so I can't imagine how others feel. So, since the opposite of complaining is gratitude I am going to list some things I am thankful for, in hopes I can turn things around.

1. Joel emailed me this morning (even if it was only to nag me!).
2. Jocelyn is (almost) potty-trained.
3. Carson is now feeling better since his two bottom teeth came in.
4. The sun is shining.
5. I don't need milk (hey, it's the little things).
6. Gas was only $3.12, whoo-hoo!
7. I had hot water this morning.
8. My bed is made.
9. Another week is coming to a close, another one to mentally mark off the calendar.
10. Carson's prescription will be free (even though I am crabby that I will probably have to wait forever for it-I am human you know.)
11. We got paid this week.
12. I've already brought my trash can back from the curb after pick-up yesterday (for some unknown reason this makes me really happy-I hate pulling that thing all the way around the building, so I'm glad to have it done.)
13. Josie knows all her colors and can MATCH!
14. I don't have anything scheduled for Saturday-I love a day "off".
15. I have a DVR, so I never miss an episode of "House". :)
16. I am most thankful He is faithful: "If we are faithless, He will remain faithful for He cannot disown himself."

Wow! I do feel better. I just need to remember that all day. 16 things because it is the 16th, just in case you were wondering. I think I am going to try to think of all the things I can be thankful for all day. It might be hard for me, thinking outside the box like that! I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Perhaps you should print the list and hang it on your mirror or refrigerator. Anywhere you can see it.

    Sometimes when I have down days, we completely rearrange our schedule and just do fun things, like make popcorn and watch movies, or read books together, or play Polly Pockets...anything non-stressful!

    Besides it's fall! Just take a look at a pumpkin and it will instantly cheer you up! Much love!

  2. I feel better just reading your blog. I too am thankful for hot water and my DVR. ;)

  3. P.S. I too love "House" (I have it set to record every week!), cheap gas (especially in my gas hog of a car), and the faithfulness of our Lord (I need it every day of my life).

    Maybe someday I should blog about MY "16 things....." =)

  4. Every day I have at least 8 things to be thankful for (children), but I have to admit some days I am pretty grumbly as I drive them to and fro and wash the laundry, sort dozens of socks, etc., etc. I try daily to be thankful for my health and energy as I realize not everyone enjoys these things. Give the babies a hug, that makes any mother thankful. Love Ya, MOM



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