Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hindsight is 20/20

My dear friend Ruth was a very important part of my wedding ceremony, over 5 years ago. Her husband did all the sound and music and also videotaped everything. Well, they were newly married at the time and very busy expecting their first child and my video got set to the side. I actually forgot all about it until they sent it to me in the mail the other day. Wow! What a funny thing, to only have photos and memories and then get a chance to relive everything with sight and sound. First off, I would like to apologize to everyone who attended the ceremony because for some reason unknown to me (or most likely that I just can't remember) everyone was seated and then ended up waiting almost 20 minutes for the ceremony to begin. So very sorry!

However, I got to see some of the neat things all my friends did for me. Someone took care of opening the church. I had a sweet co-worker at the time who took all the pictures. My sister and her friend Heather helped with the decorations. My sister also did my hair and about a million other things. The decorations were just as cute as I remember them being. I can't believe that Jon did all the sound work and video taping free. Then my friend Georgia hosted (and paid!) for the "reception" afterward. Which my sister's mother-in-law hosted in her home! How do you say thank you to all the people that help to make such a special day happen? Why didn't I send them all gift cards?!

However, even though I deserved nothing, they all did what they did without regard as to whether or not it would profit them. I think it is in some ways about paying it forward. I couldn't even find some of those people now if I wanted to thank them. So, I will just have to do my best to return the favor to someone else.

It also showed me that I was as thin as I thought I was-it made me more than a little sad! Josie said I looked like a princess. That is a pretty good compliment from her. I realized my niece was about the same age then that Carson is now. Crazy, huh? Josie actually thought it was her. I also had to laugh when the music I was supposed to walk down the aisle finished as I was mid-way and something else started to play. I am still always late! I had forgotten about that. I also had to laugh when I remembered all the things I did before the ceremony that aren't on the tape. Like shopping with my sister for her dress-nothing like shopping to alleviate stress! Or, going to pick up my flowers at Schnuck's (the grocery store) and Sam's Club. Putting the flowers together for the altar and discovering they didn't fill the vase, and my friend's husband filling a ziploc with water and shoving it in to take up the space-great idea, Jon! Realizing Joel didn't have a boutonniere and giving him the 12th flower from my bouquet of a dozen roses to use. I hope I never get so old that I forget those things. Even with a great video I still have to rely on my own frail memory to remember some things. That's okay because looking back, everything is always prettier, right?


  1. Before I read your line about paying it forward, I was having the exact same thought. Sometimes we don't properly thank people, but we do have the chance to pass on their kindness to others.

    You should print your blog and then put it with your wedding photos and you'd have those memories in print to review as the years go by!

  2. Lara I have very fond memories of helping you with your wedding. In my mind you had the ultimate wedding on a shoestring budget:) I still have the dress I wore and you know I don't keep very many sentimental things so that says alot.

    Gilly Loves my wedding album also. IT makes me feel old and frumpy though because at first she didn't know it was her dad and I:)

  3. I remember you calling me I think the day before telling me you and Joel were getting married, knowing I'd be upset if you told me afterwards! I still kinda wished I'd gone ahead and driven out there even though you told me not to hehe

  4. I would love to see a video of your wedding because I missed it. So I think you should bring it up here and let me watch it.

  5. We did the whole "wedding memories" thing this week too!! Not our video, but cards. It was fun nonetheless. =)




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