Friday, October 3, 2008

This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made...

Today has been a good day. I delivered a talk this morning for my Moments for Moms group (about closet organization). It went pretty well, I think. It is amazing how nervous that kind of thing can make you, even as an adult. But all the ladies were extremely gracious and I had a good time. My eternal thanks to my speech professor my first year of college! I had lunch with a good friend and her children. Jocelyn really enjoys them and it is so nice to be able to be "me" and not have to put on a show. We also had a chance to snag some deals at the Children's Place (Josie got some really cute outfits for less than $8 each). I love a bargain!

Then we came home and I have just spent the afternoon relaxing in my home. I have to give my sister all the credit for introducing me to the FlyLady (visit her at I spent 15 minutes cleaning in each room of my house this week (give or take, I am ashamed to admit my room took me almost an hour!) and I am really satisfied with the results! My mom was right, it is a lot easier to have fun in a clean house! I had put a stew in the crock pot the other day (don't get excited, it was pre-prepared by Tyson's but I just love them!) and I am sitting now enjoying my stew and blogging. The weather is all "fall-y", one of my favorite things. Also, Joel sent me an email and hearing from him always make my day better. Jocelyn is quietly painting, a new favorite hobby for her. (Wouldn't it be great to have an artist?) Carson is enjoying that fantastic invention called the Exer-Saucer. Peaceful kids always equal a happy mom. All in all it has just been a really full, satisfying day. The Lord has been so gracious and He knew exactly what I needed. He is so good like that! The perfect ending will be if I get some sleep tonight...


  1. I found your blog...

    I want to get together with you sometime. I'm off for almost a week starting Wednesday the 16th. Does anything from Wednesday to Monday work for you?

  2. I want to get together with you too. Come visit :) See you at Thanksgiving!!!!

  3. Yeah Lara!!!
    Isn't a tidy home one of the most peaceful feelings? I do a lot of "flying" but I have a lot of other routines and tricks also. After I get Steve off I know I am going to be counting the days till I can see you:)

    P.S. Would all of you in my blogging circle stop rubbing in your "fall-y" weather;)

  4. Yes, a clean house is such a delight! I dream about it and on a few rare days I experience it. I do love a day when the weather is cool and stormy and dinner is in the oven or crock pot! Tell the blogger that envies our wonderful weather to come and visit us:)



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