Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You're It!

I never post twice in the same day, however, I have been "blog-tagged" by my friend Jen. She said I have to list 6 interesting things about myself. I am so excited to do it I will break my own self-imposed "post every two days" rule.

1. I love to dunk my cookies in milk. The thought of soggy cookies does not disgust me at all. To the contrary, I have been known to pass on hard cookies if there is no milk to dunk them in. Just today I let Josie dunk her cookies-in my milk-and she thought it was the greatest thing ever!

2. My biggest house pet peeve is hair. I despise finding hair on anything-most especially the bathroom floor. I try my hardest to keep up with it. I am thankful that I am the only one who really loses any great amount of hair. Hopefully, by the time Josie is old enough to shed she will also be old enough to clean it up.

3. I am the biggest unashamed copy-cat. If someone does something that I like or admire chances are good that I will do it, too. Well, if it is within my power to do so. Things like sewing, baking, fill-in-the-blank with any assorted domestic task, really fall outside the realm. I have a blog because I am a copycat. Same thing with my Vera purses, my tan and black color scheme, my love of Longabergers... the list goes on and on. I really believe imitation is the highest form of flattery.

4. I almost never pay more than $20 for any item of clothing. Actually, I can only think of about six things in my closet I paid that much for. Really, my limit is about $10. I can usually tell you the price of everything I have on. Today for example: $3 Old Navy fleece, $4 purple Gap tank, $3 American Eagle jeans (yard sale find!). I just realized it is a little sad that I paid the most for my tank! Jeans are usually the only thing I am willing to break my "rule" for. I love a bargain!

5. If I could play any musical instrument it would be... the drums! I would love to be the drummer in a band. I think they have the coolest part. They are the rhythm and I love the beat. Too bad I can't keep time-but I told my friends the other day that maybe in heaven I will have the talent to play the drums.

6. I am obsessed with Internet quizzes. I love learning random facts about people. I actually created a short one the other day and sent it to Joel. That is the only type of acceptable forward in my mind. (I HATE FORWARDS!!!) It is pretty much the only type of thing I will send on. I love any kind, the one word answer, the yes or no, yep I like them all. I think that is why I was so enamored to be asked to be part of blog-tag, because it is kind of the same deal.

Well, there are my six things. I get to tag people now... yea! If you don't do this....well nothing bad will happen, but I will be mad! I just want to learn strange things about everyone. I think it makes me feel better about myself. :) I tag: Rachel Dawn, Robyn and my mom, Lisa. I won't tag any more people so that they will have someone to tag!


  1. I guess I am getting old but what exactly are the guidelines for the 6 things? Also you know very well that my blog list mirrors yours so who the heck am I going to tag! Plus I can't break the one post rule so I will have to post my six things tomorrow (as soon as you let me know the guidelines)Email me or call.
    Love ya ~Me

  2. You know I can't resist a questionnaire, so of course I am eagerly participating. Thanks for the invite, I mean 'tag'. :)

  3. OK, I am just going to ditto Robyn. Someone let the little old lady in on what I am supposed to be doing. Thanks, MOM

  4. I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing. It's so fun to learn about the "quirks" that people have. It makes me feel like I am not the only quirky one out there. ;)


  5. oh well, you miss my blog, you are tagged there, too... :) see you there...



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