Thursday, October 24, 2013

PPP Day 24: Some More of My Must Haves

I listed earlier some of the items that I find the most valuable while party planning and after thinking some more I realized there are a few more things that I really love. They are:

1. My paper cutter. I talked a little about this yesterday. I love this thing. My perfectionistic side starts screaming when I use scissors to cut a straight edge. Having a paper trimmer definitely helps with that. Also, it is so much easier to measure and cut multiple papers at once. It makes banners, garlands and labels a snap. I also have friends who love them for scrapbooking and card-making, so if you do all that you should definitely get one. I am hoping someday to add a "guillotine" style one to my supplies-you can really slice some stacks with those things!

2. My white dishes. I don't entertain too often personally, so I am not really talking about plates and bowls as much as serving items. I have an olive dish that I love, I used it for the superhero shower. I also found a neat square "pasta" bowl that I use all the time, most recently for holding the favors at the raindrop shower. I also have a large square plate (almost a platter, but not quite) that I purchased at the Dollar Tree of all places. I used it for the s'mores tray here! These kind of serving dishes are things you will use over and over, because they are so versatile. If you aren't into white, then I recommend glass, it works just as well. You don't have to have an extensive collection, but having three to five pieces of varying shapes and sizes is a good place to start. And unless you are serving parties of 30 or more, they don't need to be huge!

3. My tray collection. I love a serving tray, and I often bring cookies and milk to my family on them. I own about 6 or 7 and I use them all the time. Some of my favorites are oval ones that I purchased at Walmart. They had green, turquoise and red for $0.25 after Christmas this last year, and I already knew I loved my yellow one (from Carson's party) so I snatched them up. I haven't regretted it. You can make any food fancier by placing it on a tray! I also have a transparent red one that I got from Hobby Lobby (after Christmas again!) that I use all the time. Party planner recommendation: when wanting to purchase an item in a color and you aren't sure, red is a great choice. Red works for practically every holiday but St. Patrick's, and really, how often are you having a party then? Even if you are, just use your white ones for that!;)

4. My washi tape. This is just a crafting workhorse, period. I use if for all kinds of things, the least of which is sticking things to the wall. I love to embellish with it, and I am really excited to try out making a tiny banner with it and using it for party picks. It comes in all kinds of colors, I own all three sets from Target and that makes up the majority of my stash, but I almost always have what I need. Most recently, I used it to embellish my pennant banner.

5. Glass vases. I own vases in a variety of sizes, and I have some colored ones, too. I, of course, use them for flowers, but you can also put all kinds of punches on sticks in them.

Bonus item: I love my glue dots (shown in the photo with the washi tape). They are a perfect adhesive for so many things, and every crafter should have some in their stash!

This is Day 24 of "31 Days of Perfect Party Planning". See the rest of the series here.


  1. Love all your PPP posts...I wonder where you got that great paper cutter!! I was so glad to find you a GIFT - I always get you a gift card {& I know you LOVE those} but it's nice to give someone something, especially if it's something that will be put to good use.

    We'll be getting together soon, I PROMISE!!

    1. I mentioned that you gave me the paper cutter *yesterday*! Did you read that one?;)



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