Thursday, October 10, 2013

PPP Day 10: Pretty Packages

 I wanted to take a brief pause from heavy party stuff for a short and sweet tip post. Most parties (although not all) involve presents. I could give you a hundred awesome package tips but I will stick with a few.

1. WRAP YOUR PRESENT! Yes, this is me, yelling at you. Gift bags are easy, and wonderful, and can be very cute. But they don't beg to be opened like a crisply wrapped package. You will be the star of any party if you bring an *actual* wrapped present. If I had a dollar for every time I have been the only person to bring a paper-wrapped gift, well, let's just say its happened quite a bit!;) Use a gift bag when you are really hard up for time, or if you have a really difficultly shaped item. Using them less makes you appreciate them more when you really need them!

2. Buy a roll of brown kraft paper. Now. Go to the Dollar Tree and scoop some up-actually grab two rolls, and perhaps a roll of white if they have it. You are now set to wrap any present for any holiday. It will change your life. I still buy decorated paper, but I reach for my kraft paper all the time. Love it!

3. Invest in boxes. Not just the freebies from stores (those are getting really rare, anyway!). Buy shirt boxes, and also some that are square. You will love the square ones, super handy! (Buy these when you are picking up your paper at the DT). I used one to wrap this gift for the Butterfly Baby shower- it neatly fit washcloths, shampoo, lotion and a rubber ducky!
4. Use real ribbon. It may seem expensive, but it isn't, plus it is truly re-useable.You will likely spend less on a roll of fabric ribbon than you would on a pre-made bow. I pick it up at the Dollar Tree (they are my go-to for gray and white grosgrain, although I also purchased the purple satin used on the gift above), when it is 50% off at Hobby Lobby (which is really, every other week) or I buy the little "Spool O' Ribbon" rounds for $0.50 at Walmart or when they are on sale at Micheal's. It really classes up any package.

5. Learn how to make these awesome tissue paper flowers.  So pretty! So easy! So useful! You will thank me. Buy tissue paper in the multi-color pack at the Dollar Tree.

6. Follow my "Wrap It Up" Pinterest board! Just kidding-sort of. It has some fabulous ideas I am dying to try.

So that's it! A quick trip to the Dollar Tree and you are set to wrap amazing presents. You will impress anyone with your mad skills. You can thank me later.

This has been Day 10 of "31 Days of Perfect Party Planning". Find the rest of the series here.


  1. I have been following your blog through the Nesters 31 days, and I just stumbled upon this post. I have actually been brainstorming for several days now about how to wrap a gift for a wedding shower. The couple registered for a laundry basket, so that is what I bought them. I also bought several small accessories (small bottle of detergent, a cotton scent candle, a small lingerie washing bag, some clothespins, etc). Do you have any recommendations on how to wrap this gift???

    Thought it couldn't hurt to ask!

    1. Suzanne-
      What a sweet, thoughtful gift! I love a "theme" present. Here are some of my thoughts:

      1. You could weave ribbon through the openings in the sides of the basket, tie a bow in front and either wrap or gift bag the remaining items and place them inside. Then the basket is exposed, but it looks more thoughtful.

      2.You could place a flat piece of cardboard or foam core poster board over the top of the basket (with the smaller items inside) and since that has closed the opening, you could wrap the entire basket. That might be tricky though, since in my experience laundry baskets are usually wider at the top than the bottom-or your basket might be round!

      3. You could purchase (or possibly locate for free) a moving box. You used to be able to buy them individually from Uhaul or home improvement stores, like Lowe's. I'm guessing they still do that. Then you could wrap it like a normal gift.

      4. You could use the large "trash bag" style gift bags-I definitely think this qualifies as a difficultly shaped package!;) They usually sell those at Walmart or Target, even the dollar store sometimes. It is a large, shapeless plastic bag, much larger than a normal gift bag. I hate to call it a "trash" bag, but that is the closest description I can think of!

      5. This one is my favorite-I borrowed it from Pinterest. You can individually wrap the smaller items, or not, and then use a plastic tablecloth to wrap the basket. You would set the basket in the middle of the tablecloth (I think round would probably work best) and then gather the sides in the middle-basically like those cellophane gift basket wraps. Tablecloths come in a multitude of colors and even patterns and you can get them at the dollar store or Hobby Lobby. You would tie the excess at the top in a bunch with a bow! (This should link to the pin here: I would probably trim the excess, and I probably wouldn't use a balloon patterned cloth, but you get the idea!;)

      I hope one of those ideas helps-I'm so glad you asked. Your gift will be thoughtful and lovely no matter how you wrap it. Let me know how it turns out and thanks for reading!-Clare



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