Wednesday, October 2, 2013

PPP Day 2: You Can't

So, I have several other posts already written, sitting in my drafts, and I get up this morning and decide, "None of these posts work, I'm going to write a completely new one. And I'm going to make a graphic to go with it!". That might freak some of you out- you planners and schedulers especially, those that abhor procrastination in any form. But you see, I'm not like that. I fly by the seat of my pants, I thrive on deadlines. I am not a procrastinator, but I am a poor time manager. I am getting better as I have more experience, but any time I throw a party, I will be up until at least 11:00pm the night before. And I am almost always in bed at 10:30pm, or before, normally!

That's me! And you can't be me! (Trust me, you don't really want to be me, anyway. I'm a shade too "real" for the general public). You can't plan a party like me. You can't make decorations like me. You can't think like I do. Because you are not me.

And you are not anyone on "Hostess with the Mostess" or "Kara's Party". Or whoever created the Pinterest pin you see every time you are browsing.  You probably don't do this for a living. You probably don't have unlimited funds. You definitely don't have unlimited time. And those are all good things.

Because you see-you shouldn't be striving for their perfect, or even my perfect. Those limitations will force you to think outside the box. Use those images and ideas as springboards. But stop trying to imitate and start to create. And I don't mean just party decorations. Create your own concept of "party"-one that exactly fits your certain situation or purpose. Why are *you* having a party?

So just remember: you can't. You can't throw a party like anyone but you.  But you can plan a perfect party: one that exactly fits your situation and purpose. And that's a good thing, just perfect.

 This is Day 2 of "31 Days of Perfect Party Planning". You can find the rest of the series here.

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  1. I know this applies to parties but I feel like I have to tell myself this about school all the time. I just have to do the best Lisa Dawn job and that will be just perfect for me. :)



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