Thursday, October 17, 2013

PPP Day 17: For My Friends


     We have established a Sunday night dinner swap with some friends of ours- one week we host them, the next week they reciprocate. It works swell. (What movie is that line from? If you're struggling, just imagine giant buck teeth.) Why is that, you ask? Because we understand each other. We understand that the fellowship we reap from sharing meals together is worth the energy it takes to pick up the house a little, pull dinner together, and occasionally listen to our children bicker. (There are five all together, so there *will* be bickering, and tattling, from time to time.)

    And we also understand, each as parents of children who are still in the mess-making stage of life, that gourmet meals are not expected, nor is an immaculately clean house. We sometimes just congratulate each other on putting fresh toilet paper in the bathroom and buying Little Caesar's. We keep our expectations realistic, and we are richly rewarded with times of laughter and camaraderie. We are living life and doing it together makes it so much more enjoyable.

    Yes, sometimes we "pull out all the stops" so to speak-making something really creative and time-consuming. We know it will be appreciated. And sometimes, we just pull out the crock pot, knowing that it is a blessing to the other mom to not have to plan dinner, so who cares what it is?

    And that's something you should keep in mind about party planning. You are creating and planning and preparing for people who (hopefully and ideally) love and appreciate you. They will rejoice with your best efforts and ignore your less than perfect. They are there to be with you and the guest of honor- not to critique or judge.

    If you have those kinds of acquaintances (I don't feel it necessary to honor them with the term "friend".) who are there for those reasons, then it won't matter what you do anyway. The most astounding feats of DIY, craftiness and culinary skills will not delight them. They are not there to encourage or uplift you, they do not derive pleasure merely from your charming presence.

    So plan for those that do, and then no matter what you do, they will be happy. And you will be happy. Because they will compliment you on your trying, and turn a blind eye to your failings when it comes to inconsequential things like recipes and favors. It is so rewarding to throw any little get-together for your dearest friends and family-so make sure that you celebrate with them often. It will bless all of you.

This is Day 17 of "31 Days of Perfect Party Planning." See the rest of the series here.

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  1. My friend Mary always sighs that her gatherings are hosted in a shop. But as her true friends, we could care less. We are thrilled to be together sharing a meal, conversation, and games, and if we have to do that surrounded by a back hoe and Snap-On tool boxes, so be it!

    I too occasionally struggle with the fact that we purchased an older home in need of much love :) We don't have the glamorous stone walk ways leading to colossal french doors, flanked by double paned hand crafted glass. You won't walk in and find gleaming hard wood floors beneath shiny granite counter tops, surrounded by custom hickory cabinets stately hung aside stainless steel appliances and state of the art ovens.

    You will however, find a home that's tidy, filled with people who love to have guests, the scent of whatever's for dinner........oh, and a huge, drooling dog who wants nothing more than to sniff you to death.



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