Sunday, October 20, 2013

PPP Day 20: Divine Details

      We went to an outdoor fellowship recently (that was supposed to include a bonfire, I'll get to that in a minute) and I decided that I wanted to bring s'mores components. I can't usually leave well enough alone, so I had to not just get regular plain marshmallows and Hershey's bars- I also purchased Reese's cups and Mounds bars, 3 Musketeers bars, the cool, flat "Stackermallows" and also my favorite caramel vanilla marshmallows.

    But you see, I realized something. I could definitely throw my box of graham crackers, bags of marshmallows and candy bars in a Walmart sack. No one would notice. Or, I could be a little more detail-oriented. So I carefully cut all my graham crackers in half, and arranged them on a tray, centered around piles of marshmallows. Then I pulled all the candy bars out of their packages and put them on a plate.

    Is it the greatest thing ever? Nope. But it took me all of five minutes (including carefully cutting all the crackers, because even though you can buy the squares, I am cheap.) and it looked so much more thoughtful! We didn't end up actually toasting the marshmallows over the fire-it got way too windy here in dry Colorado for an open, outdoor flame, but it made it really easy to put together s'mores on a cookie sheet and pop them in the oven! And everyone admired my choice in mixing up the candy bar and marshmallow choices (the caramel 'mallows were a big hit) and they appreciated that it looked pretty.

Paying attention to the small things, even if it just hits subconsciously, it time well spent! Ask yourself: what are some small ways that I can be intentional with my party? Some of my favorite super simple ideas:

1.Put your store bought juice, or other beverage,  in a pretty pitcher or carafe. Don't leave it in the ugly cardboard carton or plastic jug.

2. Put your chips or snack mix in a bowl, don't leave them in the bag.

3. Take your napkins out of the package and arrange them in a diamond pattern on the table.

4. Throw some mailing labels in the printer and put a personalized label on each favor. I love Avery labels for this. It usually only takes me 10-15 minutes to create labels and stick them on 20-30 favors.

5. Tie a napkin around each fork with a simple ribbon or twine.

6. Remove items that detract from your party theme/colors. You don't have to clear your living room, but perhaps you could remove all the items from the top of a bookshelf or the mantel. It will focus the attention on the items that you worked so hard on and it will help the room to feel more open.

7. Grab 3-4 things from around your house that match the party. Colored baskets, vases, pillows, picture frames, these are all things that will make your party decor feel more intentional.

8. Light candles if your party is in the evening. This literally takes seconds, but it makes everything feel so much more special!

9. When in doubt, tie a ribbon on it. A basket handle, party favors, vases, pens for a game, whatever.

10. Wrap your gift to match your theme. This gets them every time.

Oh yeah, all *three* of us are wearing the party colors!

11. And if you are super psycho-like Sarah and I-(we even roped our friend, Christy, in this last time) dress to match your party colors!;) This is one of those things you definitely *don't* have to do , but it is really fun, and makes you look like you have it all together.

    So, don't overlook the little things. They may seem small, but when you add them all together, they make a big impact. Make it pretty-it's easy to do while still keeping it simple. And that's just perfect!

This is Day 20 of "31 Perfect Party Planning". See the rest of the series here.


  1. After several days of "food for thought" I was SUPER excited to see this post! Something I can actually DO, not just think:) So spot on, the details totally make it! Again I would please like a small credit in your book for somewhat originating this idea;)

  2. I love the photo of the 3 of you dressed to match! I also want a peanut butter cup smore!



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