Sunday, October 27, 2013

PPP Day 27: Savvy Shower Tips (Guest Post)

Hello, I'm Katy, Clare's favorite, younger sister. I'm guest posting today as a favor to Clare, so please direct all hate mail to me.

I've decided to write my pro tips for a bridal shower. I am a bridal shower expert because I just got married in July, or something like that. In actuality I have never hosted a shower, because I was the worst bridesmaid ever. However I complied these tips in part from our other sister (there are a quintet of us) who has hosting experience. Enough about me let's get to the tips!

 The Little Things to Make a Perfect Shower as a Hostess
At both of the showers that were held for me it was the small thoughtful details that really stood out to me as a bride. Here are some of those details.
  1. Providing me a cute notebook to write down all the gifts and givers, much better than a napkin or envelope. You could even match it to your color scheme to be hostess extraordinaire. 
  2. Putting  labels on the packages as an extra layer of gift identification security. This really comes in handy when the gift list says " Jane Smith-drinking glasses" and the bride has received three different sets of glasses.
  3. Finding a crafty person to assemble the bow bouquet. I'll admit I didn't even think of this as a bride, so it was so nice to have someone assigned to this sentimental little detail.
  4. Both hostesses used my engagement pictures as part of the invite, which was really sweet because honestly what else are you going to do with those unless you creepily have a whole gallery wall in your house of nothing but engagement pictures or something like that.
  5. Favors! My hostesses made it rain like Oprah's favorite things, except with no cars or vacations, so maybe not. Anyway, even adults like prizes and favors. You should have seen the middle aged soccer mom at my shower who leapt two folding chairs in a single bound to win some chocolate.  
Bonus Tips for Shower Guests
  1. The $2 gift can really make the $30 gift shine. What I'm saying is some of my most memorable gifts were things like my hand mixer + a boxed cupcake mix or my bathroom accessories (toothbrush holder etc.)+ a lace doily because the guest said every woman needs a piece of old lace in her home.  
  2. Gift cards are totally great, I loved and used/plan to use every last gift card as a poor newlywed. However, the "perfect guests" went the extra mile including a little something personal with the gift card whether it was a Christmas ornament attached to the card or my husbands's childhood neighbor who  gave us a gift card + a fire extinguisher after spending many 4th of July's together.
  3. I will echo my brilliant sister who says "resist the lazy gift bag". Brides like cats and four year olds love the satisfaction of tearing open your beautifully wrapped gift, and everyone will "ooo and ahh" the way they never do for a boring bag. Lastly gift bags ruin traditions! Only wrapping brings the prized bows for the bow-bouquet!            

Thanks, Katy! I realized that a bridal shower is the only main party type I haven't had the chance to do yet. It is great to hear from the perspective of the guest of honor. So many of these tips would also work well for a baby shower, or even a birthday party, too!

This is Day 27 of "31 Days of Perfect Party Planning". See the rest of the series here.

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  1. Kate your so talented!! Why oh why don't you blog more?:( Every detail of your list was spot on! Loved it all, and hoping Clare keeps you on her payroll as a regular guest;)



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