Monday, October 14, 2013

PPP Day 14: Party Planning Pals

      There is one thing that may be difficult for you to find when planning your party, especially since you can't buy it in a store. That thing would be a party-planning pal. I am usually not only a "do it yourself" kind of girl, but I'm also a "do it by myself" kind of girl. I like to be in control. But when it comes to planning a party, someone to come alongside of you is invaluable!

      This person doesn't have to do exactly like you would, but it is important that you be pretty like-minded. I have one particular party co-planner, my friend Sarah, and we joke that we share halves of the same party loving brain! I was really blessed to find such a great person, who I can trust to help me without taking over but still contributes her own spin on things, and helps me to have a broader perspective. We have planned over half the parties on my "Parties I've Planned" page together!

     I also love to party plan with my sisters- I am also blessed that they will partner with me to pull off amazing get-togethers. The biggest event I've ever done we (there are five of us) did together-the wedding! I love working with family, and that isn't something everyone can say.

     You really will find it invaluable to have someone who can help you make decisions, give you new ideas, and maybe even share the physical workload and cost of a party. 

      So, how do you find someone who will be your party-planning partner-in-crime? Well, there are a few things I can tell you to help you out:

1. Pray about it! The Lord sends us help all the time in the form of fellow believers. Why should this be any different?

2. Look around you. Who do you admire? Do you know any friends that have thrown parties that you loved? Or how about people with like-minded home decor sensibilities? Or fashion sense? Those things and party styles aren't too different.

3. How about someone in your family? They don't have to live near you to help you out with ideas and feedback. I spent quite a few minutes texting and talking to my older sister about her daughter's recent birthday party. She gives me ideas all the time- and I am glad that I have been able to return the favor a little! I've already mentioned my mom inspires me, too.

4. Don't rush it. If you have done a party or two by yourself, don't give up looking. Maybe someone that was complimentary of your talents, or someone you know is really organized is a good person to consider. Keep your eyes open and someone will come along sooner or later!

5. Find someone with complementary skills. If you can't find someone who does the things you do well, you will be just as blessed by someone who does the things you *don't* do! If your skill is cooking, look for a decorator. If your gift is hospitality, look for someone who is an administrator (someone who is organized!).

6. Certain parties may require different "buddies". My friend Sarah is an all-round perfect party pal, but all my family lives in other states, so I pair up with them when I am out of town. I love working with her, but I am so grateful that I have excellent replacements for when she can't be there. You may have friends that are better at birthday parties than baby showers, or can be a great asset for a house party, but other who do better with "destination" get-togethers.

7. Learn to work well with others! Sarah and I both volunteered to decorate for the same shower, and through that experience discovered our mutual love for parties. And the rest, they say, is history...

     I love that verse above from Ecclesiastes, because it reminds us that we are surrounded by our family in Christ and we don't have to do anything alone. Joy is always multiplied when it is shared, and that is definitely the case for parties! So, go find a buddy!

This is Day 14 of "31 Days of Perfect Party Planning". Find the rest of the series here.

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  1. Soooo true. Everything I do is so much more rewarding because I have a planning partner!



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