Monday, October 21, 2013

PPP Day 21: Give a Giftcard (AND A GIVEAWAY!)

      I know people who think that gift cards are the most abysmal gift ever. They feel like if you really want to show someone you love them, you should buy them a gift that specifically fits their personality. A real "thing"- not a card, which they feel like is no better than cash. And what kind of horrid, manner-less troll gives *cash*?!

    Well, I do. Actually, a lot, because my family lives far away, and I stink at mailing packages. And sometimes I send gift cards, instead. Because I LOVE a gift card. I think it is a great gift! It says, "treat yourself". And it also says, "You can't use this to pay tolls or library fines." You have to use a gift card to wherever it is for-yay! Sometimes, I spend them on "needs", but usually I hoard them until I find just the right thing. And then, I just say that whoever gave me the gift card "bought" me the perfect thing!

  And so what does this have to do with party planning? Well, for starters-everyone has a different idea of what a perfect gift is. And sometimes, to certain people (like ME) a gift card is a wonderful surprise that I get to make into whatever I want. Your party is the same. Make it into whatever you want. And if you are having trouble making it that way, try consulting whoever the party is for. They probably have some ideas-unless they are too young to talk. And in that case they will be fine with whatever-I can assure you!

   But anyway, it doesn't really have too much to do with except that I am a little fried tonight and I wanted more than anything to not type this post. But I like to see things through, and that means posting whether I want to or not. And I have been mulling over having a giveaway, but I have been super nervous about it. (Don't ask me why, I'm strange) So if you read this blog but haven't commented-now is the time!

The giveaway is closed! Thanks for your entries.:) The WINNER IS: Lisa Dawn!
Because I'm giving away a giftcard! To Target! Because I LOVE their giftcards. And I will probably throw some other miscellaneous thing(s) in the envelope. Maybe. We'll see, no promises. And you can buy party supplies with it-or whatever you want, I won't tell. So, if you want to win a $10 Target giftcard here's what you do:

1. Leave a comment! Be sure to either leave your email, or make certain it is attached to your profile. That will earn you one entry.

2. Follow me on Facebook! (Click that link to be taken directly to my page!) If you already do that, don't worry, either way just leave a comment on the post I will add tonight saying: "Comment here for the giveaway!"
That will earn you a *second* entry!

I think I'm supposed to put a disclaimer here? Something like-only open to residents of the U.S. because I don't know how to mail things internationally.;)
I'm going to end the giveaway on Saturday night, so be sure to enter before then! I'm excited!

This is Day 21 of "31 Days of Perfect Party Planning". See the rest of the series here.


  1. I LOVE a give-away contest. Even though I never win, it's fun to enter :) I'm already following you on Facebook too. Keep up the great posts and amazing writing! Love you!

  2. Okay, now that I have the right post, I love giveaways, gift cards, and Target of course ;) Great idea ;)

  3. Do I get extra entries for all the other comments I have left on this series? If not it's OK, cause my odds are looking pretty good so far;) Keep it up Clare, the end is in sight!

  4. I would consider this giftcard a small token of appreciation for all my fabulous blog advice :)

  5. Great blog this month! It has helped me out greatly in planning a baby shower! Thanks, Jodie

  6. I am loving all your party planning tips!! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas. I was actually in the dollar store today and I felt like I was viewing it through your many potential party ideas! And of course I am a HUGE fan of gift cards! ;)

  7. I tried to comment earlier and it kicked me off on my phone! But I am determined! I don't mind gift cards as a gift at all! They allow you to buy exactly what you want!

  8. Gift cards aren't bad gifts....if it's for a place you like. And Target...who could go wrong there???



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