Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 6: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

    This is another o-l-d carol, as in, its first publication was in 1739. That gives it excellent phrases from a bygone era, as well as intentional use of the word "ye", which was current to the vernacular of the time. You've sung this one literally your entire life, but have you really thought about what it truly says? If not, before you sing it, take the time to read through all the lyrics. They are just amazing, and the second verse is my particular favorite. 

The Baptist Hymnal (1991): 87

Questions for thought and discussion:
1. Reconcile. This is one of those "Bible" words. We say it, we don't really know what it means. What does "reconcile" have to do with you? How does reconciliation with God *have* to change your life?

2. In the Luke passage, peace is promised to those on "whom His favor rests". Who is that? The Jews? Christians? Humans? You?

Extra credit: Figure out what "mild" means in this 18th century context. Wesley uses it in both the 1st and 3rd stanzas. And I don't think he meant like salsa. ;)

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