Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 17: "Sing We Now Of Christmas"

    Christmas carols are absolutely essential to my celebration of Christ's birth. I can't think of many things that bring people together like music does, and when I sing songs, like this one, from the 15th(!) century, I can picture people all through the ages rejoicing in His arrival. It gives me a great feeling of unity, and really helps fuel that "love for my fellow man" thing that is so associated with this season. Music is often a catalyst for worship, and it isn't any different at Christmas. It gives us an ideal atmosphere for focusing on God, and while it definitely isn't the only way to worship, it is one of my favorites. I'm pretty sure God likes it, too-if you need more convincing than my humble opinion, spend some time in the Psalms and then let me know if you don't agree.

Lyrics: "Sing We Now Of Christmas"

The Baptist Hymnal (1991): #111

Questions for thought and discussion:
1. Why do you think God likes singing? He didn't give us all perfect pitch, but the Bible never says that should keep us silent. Why do you personally think music is a good way to praise God? Maybe you disagree-why?

2. The Magi came to "worship" Christ. Do you think that they sang to Him? What other forms of worship are there? Was it just their gifts? Do you really believe our tradition of gift-giving can be a form of worship? Why or why not?

3. Can you list at least five reasons why we should worship and praise God? What is your personal way of expressing yourself in worship and praise? Do that today.

Looking for the printable? Find it here.

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