Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 24: "We Three Kings"

   I remember loving this song as a child. It seemed dark and mysterious, exactly the way I pictured the Magi. There are only a few sentences about their arrival. And once I realized that pretty much they were *not* at the manger, I focused on correcting every nativity I ever saw. This was accomplished by placing all three "kings" as far away as possible from Jesus and His parents. The shepherds could be close by, but those impostors didn't belong at Christmas! I apologize now, because clearly I was caught up in my misplaced sense of justice. Those "kings" (who weren't really kings at all, they were an elite group of exceptionally learned men) definitely earned their spot in the Nativity story. And I love them so much more, now. They were the ultimate seekers, feeling their need for Jesus so strongly it drove them to leave everything they knew, their own wealth and stature, their homes and families, behind in search for the Greatest Gift. Those kings, they humble me, shame me with my insecurities and grasping at worldly treasures, when I already have everything, and the Only One I will ever need. So, if you are judgmental like I was, don't overlook this one. See what it is really saying.

Lyrics: "We Three Kings"

The Baptist Hymnal (1991): #113

Questions for thought and discussion:
1. The Magi recognized the kingship of Christ, in part because they themselves were in positions of authority. They could see the similarities in the prophecies of Christ's coming and the responsibilities their own jobs required. What "Kingly" responsibilities do we see in Christ's life? Are they all "high and mighty"?

2. We sometimes use the term "come to Jesus" when talking about a person's acceptance of salvation. How did the Magi illustrate that for us? When they "came to Jesus" what did it mean in terms of their posture and attitude? How can we continue to "come to Jesus" after we are saved?

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