Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boring to Bold!

I have been on a DIY kick lately. I have been reading design and crafting blogs like they are going out of style. Since I struggle with crafts (I can't paint, am not artistic, I don't sew, etc.) I was super excited to find some projects I could finally do.Okay, so probably not a big deal to those of you who are really crafty and creative. However, I am neither, so I was thrilled to find some projects that I could do quickly (and I have to admit it, easily) this weekend. My friend Lindsay and I picked up the supplies we needed and finished these little light switch covers on Saturday. I am so not craft-oriented I even had to buy an Xacto knife! I also had my first introduction to Mod Podge-love it! I will definitely be scouring the internet for more crafts to use that on. If you know of any-pass on the info. I was really pleased with the results! I also was thrilled with my re-made clock. I forgot to take a before picture, but as it is a cheap $3 clock from Walmart, I am sure you can imagine the previous plain white background. Not boring anymore!
Ugly, boring, plain light switch covers-need I say more?
Waiting to dry...

Lovely Vanna, I mean Josie, models her new matching cover-she was thrilled!
The bathroom-I snagged some left over paper from Lindsay because it matches the bathroom perfectly!
My favorite one- in my room. The dark graphic really pops!

The clock with it's snazzy new background. It is a little hard to see in a photo but it looks really good in person. This project was harder than I thought but it turned out well. It bugged Joel that I didn't match the papers-he couldn't seem to understand that I didn't want them to be the same! Silly boys...:)

P.S. If you want to make these I have plenty of Mod Podge left!:) No, really I swiped the instructions from here. I kind of came up with the clock idea on my own. :)


  1. I'm not overly crafty either & I'm SO glad you posted this! Since we're working on the nursery I wanted ideas to brighten up the light switch & maybe even the outlets? I'm excited to try this!

  2. I think Mod Podge is older than me. Not really, but I have used it on a number of projects when you were under 10. The light switch covers are adorable. I could really use something like this because our home usually has the 3, 4, and 5 switches on one cover, thus it is extremely difficult to find any cute ones. Who knows what kind I will have in my new house?

  3. I saw you on Saturday, I didn't know you were doing that. I am such a crafty person, I love doing stuff like that, when I have time. They look good.

  4. OK, so not fair that your mod-podge switch covers look SO much better than my spray painted ones;( Are you going to have to show me up at everything now that we are older?! I mean you blog better, parent better and now evidently you create better. I know you are working on the cooking and organizing too, so really WHAT am I going to have left, Hmmm?

  5. Wow, those are cute! I love Josie's pink switch plate cover. Way to go Crafty Clare!

  6. Mod Podge improves the world! Congratulations on getting crafty and loving your results! You may have to jump into sewing next:)

  7. OK, VERY cute. I also recently did my own DIY project. One of those memory board things. You'd think I was supposed to be trying to build an ark or something as overwhelmed as I was when I was doing it. It was a piece of cake, and Noah's room never looked better. Too bad his lightswitch cover already is "fun," or else I'd try this. Maybe I can do our bedroom.....

  8. Very cool!!! I'm jealous...when ya comin' over to do mine??

    Miss you! :0)



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