Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trendy Tiles

I have been wanting to post about these for a while. I can't even remember where I first saw them. Somewhere about the time my Mod Podge obsession began, I think. I am completely enamored of projects that are something I can use, and that don't require any sewing. I have nothing against sewing, other than that I am jealous of anyone that can. Mostly because I can't, really because I don't have a sewing machine...anyway, that is not the point! Back to the subject at hand: Scrabble tile necklaces! This great project combines several of my favorite things: Mod Podge, scrapbook paper (I don't scrapbook but I loooove the endless variety of papers!) and junk jewelry. Also, it is easy and a quick one-day results type deal. Perfect for someone with no patience such as myself.

To make these you need:
-cardstock (or an index card)
-and X-acto knife
-scrapbook paper
-Scrabble tile
-Mod Podge
-Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
-self-adhesive "crystals" (optional)
-E-6000 glue
-jewelry bails (more about these later)
-thin ribbon to match your paper (for the actual necklace part)

To begin, I make a template to view my papers through. Because you are dealing with a Scrabble tile (this is what forms your necklace pendant) you want to make sure that if you have a patterned paper that you are using it to its best advantage. So, I take a piece of cardstock, lay my tile on it, and carefully cut around it with an X-acto knife.

This is your "viewer". You can place it over you paper to find the right spot, and then you can use it to cut your paper the right size for your tile.

See? I can tell exactly what my tile will look like. I will warn you: not all Scrabble tiles are created equal, so you may have to do a little trimming. Also, in case you were wondering, I purchased my tiles at a yardsale. The great part about that is that they cost me $2 instead of $10. If you found a game that was in poor condition, you could probably get them for even less! Plus, a game has quite a few tiles in it (over 100) so you will have plenty to work with.

Once you have your cardstock cut to size, cover your tile (the back, because it is flat and the paper will adhere better and be smooth) with Mod Podge and immediately place your paper.
Give that a few minutes to dry and then coat the paper with Mod Podge, too. That will seal the surface before you apply the Dimensional Magic later. Allow your tile to dry, about an hour, before handling it too much.

Tiles waiting to have their bails adhered. Aren't they pretty? The tulip one is actually a stamp that Joel brought me from Iraq! I thought that was fun. So, you ask, what is a "bail"? That is the technical term for a jewelry backing that has a loop for a chain or other necklace material (like ribbon) to go through. There is a plate to glue to the pendant and then an eye at the top.

I buy my bails at Hobby Lobby. These are $2.47 for four, but their jewelry "findings" (all the little metal pieces used to make jewelry) are often on sale for 50% off. If you would prefer a metal chain or wire necklace to the ribbon, you can buy those there for around $1-$2 each. Also, a picture of my wonderful E-6000 glue. I usually buy my glues with a 40% off coupon, and Hobby Lobby now stocks all of them, both Mod-Podges and the E-6000.

Apply your E-6000 to your bail and press it firmly to the back of your tile. E-6000 is a very gummy glue, so don't mess with it too much or it will slide around. I set mine aside to dry, usually for at least half and hour.

Then for the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic! This stuff can be a little tricky. First, don't be dismayed that it is opaque. It dries clear and gives you sort of a "bubble"- a fun 3D look for your finished piece. If you are planning on putting a crystal on your tile, put it on before the Dimensional Magic. Then trace the outline of your tile with the Dimensional Magic, filling it in as you go. The tricky part is putting on enough to give it a nice finished effect, but not so much that it spills over the edges. If it does, quickly clean it with a finger, the stuff is water soluble until it dries. Usually it is best to start by testing a little on paper, to make sure you don't have any air bubbles. They don't dissipate, so if you get one try using a needle to pull it off the tile. Give your Dimensional Magic plenty of drying time- at least three hours before handling and overnight before wearing or packaging. If you touch it before it is dry you will leave fingerprints!

I couldn't find the necklaces I wanted so I decided to make mine out of ribbon. I coated the ends with some regular Mod Podge so they wouldn't fray. It dries really quickly and doesn't affect the appearance. Don't you like my lovely work surface? I have found that using a regular notebook as a "cutting board" of sorts is a cheap way to avoid cutting into my counter tops or table, besides when I get glue every where I just rip off the top couple of sheets and I have a fresh surface!

I made little matching bags for the necklaces- I was making them for my Bible study group moms. I used a inch circle hole punch to cut paper and then just hot glued a little ribbon and the circle onto tiny paper bags.

This is a better view of one of the bags. I thought it made for a really cute, simple presentation.

The finished product! You can't really appreciate the 3D quality in a photo, but it gives it a much more "professional" look. You could just leave it with the regular Mod Podge on top, but I prefer it this way. I am not usually a bling girl, but the crystals really give certain papers just the right touch. Those were a fortunate find- a sheet of about 50 in the dollar area at Michael's. I am kicking myself for not buying more! These can be really pricey.

And that's about it! The drying time takes far longer than anything else. If I excluded that, it only took a couple of hours to make 10 necklaces. The funny part is that I ran out of bails before I finished mine, so it is waiting. However, if I got ambitious, it would be easy to have one to match every outfit!


  1. Perfect Tute! Not to many details, but you didn't leave out anything important:) I have trouble with my dimesional magic, so you were smart to point out the bubbles & spillage. I also noticed that all our Walmarts now carry E6000 in the crafting area. It is a smaller tube, but only about $3! Thanks for sharing, and when are you sending me mine!?

  2. These are adorable and the matching bags make them PERFECT. Again, kinda jealous! They look like a lot of work, but I'd be willing to buy one :)

  3. Yes, they are super cute! They could be made to match so many things. Selling them is a great idea. Of course, I want to buy one with the "bling" on it. The bags were also adorable.

  4. So..... maybe that should have been the day I started going to the Mom's group - the day you made them for them. ;)

    Way cute!! =) Much craftier than me.

    ~ Jen

  5. This is awesome! I saw your mom wearing this today and I thought it was so neat! Which is funny, because then I found your blog this evening, and realized the connection. Small world.

    1. I'm glad you found it-and I'm impressed that my mom is still wearing my crafts,even though I'm all grown up.;) I took a peek at your blog, I will definitely have to come back when I have more time. Lots of fun stuff!



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