Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book Review: Dug Down Deep

My first experience with Joshua Harris was not memorable. I was 12 or 13 and at a homeschool conference. My parents bought me one of his "NA: New Attitude" t-shirts. He did not make much of an impression on me.

That has certainly changed! Dug Down Deep: Building Your Life on Truths That Last is not a book I will soon forget. My natural inclination is towards fiction. I like stories that make me feel good. I tend to avoid "self-help" and "theology" books because often they make me feel guilty, or are so "spiritual" that they don't apply to every day life.

In Dug Down Deep Harris covers a variety of foundational, spiritual topics. He makes it easy to understand and apply-a hard combination to find! He opens each chapter with a relateable real-life anecdote uses that as a bridge to delve into a more comprehensive discussion. He covers subjects that range the importance of the church, to the Trinity and much more.

This book was easy to read. I have been a Christian for many years, so much of his material was familiar, but presented in new and interesting ways. This would be a brilliant tool for a new believer-especially someone that does not have a background in church. It also includes a study guide that would be a great catalyst for group discussions, or to use as a one-on-one discipling tool.

My favorite aspect was how Harris uses his own life to provide perspective on the topics. He was raised in a Bible believing home, and while he never had any true "prodigal" moments, his story in so many ways mirrored my own that I felt instantly connected. I have struggled with my faith because I want to believe in God, not just because that is how I have been raised. I want to truly understand why certain things (salvation, the Trinity, the infallibility of the Word) are so important, not just accept unfounded opinions.

Harris provides strong, Biblical proof for each of his points. The book is filled with quotes from godly theologians to help round out his presentations. Harris obtained the title from the parable about the wise and foolish builders, and mentions that he wants to be like the wise man-investing the time and energy to build his 'house" on a firm spiritual foundation, one that is deep and lasting.

I walked away from this book with a greater appreciation for my faith. There are so many great concepts that I can apply to my own life, and use to share my faith with others. Joshua Harris may have not been incredibly memorable so many years ago, but what he has to say now will certainly stick with me. Obviously, we have both matured. May it be as much to the glory of God in my life as it has been in Harris'.

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I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest, unbiased review, by the publisher, Waterbrook Multnomah.

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  1. The book sounds like a worthwhile investment. Thank you for the review.



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