Sunday, May 1, 2011

50th Birthday Bash!

I promised I would post about my Dad's 50th birthday party. My mom, my sisters and I all collaborated on the theme:Flintstones! It was a terrific theme-so much more fun than the typical "over-the-hill" parties. The Flintstones TV show came out around the same time my dad was born, so that made it even more fun.

My sister is an amazing party planner! The two of us together: unstoppable. Robyn knows that it is 100% presentation when it comes to an event, and the details make it perfect. See the sprinkling of rock candy as confetti on the table? Also, most of the fun names for the foods were her ideas.

Even the kids' tables got some special extra touches. Cupcake liners filled with rock candy and other sweets were a cute touch. Filling up the balloons was a little bit of a hassle (we may or may not have visited three stores to get them done, but that is between me and Lisa Dawn) but the kids loved them!

A better view of the final presentation! The dinosaurs on the wall are from the Dollar Store, as are the ferns in the centerpiece. I love that place! I made the banner and realized that I only took really far away photos of it. Ugh! I fringed all the edges of the pieces to make them look like animal skins. It was the perfect touch.

Some more of the fun treats. Pretzel sticks and chocolate rocks became perfect "sticks and stones". Putting everything in terra cotta pots made it look so much more "Stone Age".

These are Rice Krispy treats cut out with bone shaped cookie cutters. See what I'm saying about the details?

"Bamm-Bamm" clubs- another of my sister's genius ideas. Just rock candy sticks, but they take on a whole new personality when placed in a cute container with a place card. I am all about place cards- they make everything more fun!

A last minute idea that was a HUGE hit. Literally it took me about 10 minutes to put this together. I printed off photos of all my Dad's family and friends and used animal print ribbon taped to the walls as a holder. I bought mini clothespins and simply clipped the photos to the ribbon. I had several of these all over the room and everyone loved them. I am definitely planning on doing this again. Everyone thought it was so fun to look at all of them. This would work for a multitude of parties and would be so easy to coordinate with different themes.

My gift for my Dad. My Mom asked everyone to give my Dad 50 of something. I decided that 50 "Warm Fuzzies" were in order. I wrote down 50 good memories and things I love and admire about my Dad and put them in a jar. Simple, but hopefully meaningful too!

My sister free-handed Fred! Crazy! She printed an outline off the internet and used it as a guide to paint Fred. He made the perfect photo backdrop. Aren't Grams and Gramps so cute?

It has become a tradition to photograph the four generations of "Littles" when we are together. I can only hope that I am as beautiful as my Mom and Grams when I am their ages.

Me and my sisters. Good grief, I love these girls! I miss them so much. We are just the best sisters ever. I am so blessed to be counted among these five. From left: Lisa Dawn, Robyn, Katy, Kelly, and of course, me. We are the best party planners, EVER!

I couldn't resist taking a photo during the prayer- I promise though, it was right at the "amen". I just love that our family prays together. I am without a doubt so proud to be part of such a godly family.

My Mom and her Mom. Don't they look so much alike?

And last, but not least, the Birthday Boy and my Mom. He was grinning because he was about to open his pile of presents!

It was a great party. Planning it with all my family was so fun. My aunt graciously provided her clean home and helped put it all together. We ate so much good food (ribs, of course!) and laughed so hard. I wish we all lived closer, but then I think we would be having a party once a month due to all the birthdays...


  1. It was a ton of fun and I'm SO grateful you and Robyn and the kids all made it back to attend. We loved getting to see all of you.

    p.s. Usually if you click on the individual pictures it will expand them to full screen so you can see a lot more detail :)

  2. For sure one of our best collaborative efforts yet! We should go into business when we are old and live next to each other;)

  3. That was such a fun party! Thanks for not mentioning the fact that I popped one of those balloons! lol I miss you and Robyn and Katy terribly! We really need to move to Luxembourg....



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