Monday, May 2, 2011

Carrot Patches

I love a simple project that produces (almost) instant results. As soon as I saw these "Carrot Patch Cookies" in my April issue of "Family Fun" I wanted to try them. They are so cute and different. Mine don't look exactly like the model ones, but I still think they turned out pretty well.

The original instructions call for "chocolate wafers" and green licorice called "Rips" that I had never heard of, or seen. I substituted apple "Sour Punch Straws" and chocolate sandwich cookies. I found everything I needed (except the straws) at the Dollar Tree (I am telling you-love that place!) so it made for a cheap craft. We made 10 with the ingredients and I still had plenty left over!

Jocelyn and her friend Bekah filled the "planters" and planted the "carrots". They barely got them together before they had to have a taste. Personally, the thought of a chocolate frosting covered Mike and Ike with Sour Punch straws stuck in it is disgusting to me...but still really adorable!

Carson enjoyed his, too. These were a snap to put together, and I was definitely pleased with how they turned out. We made them on Easter, because making fun cookies on holidays is kind of becoming a tradition (see our Turkey Cookies from Thanksgiving). The kids like doing something special that is just for them. My biggest tip: be sure and make an example at least the day before so that you have an idea of how things need to go! I realized that it would be better for me to assemble the planters and carrots before hand. It was complicated and involved using a knife, so it was better to do it myself. The kids liked filling the planters with the "dirt" and then putting in the carrots. Mostly, they just enjoyed eating them!

The finished product- perfect for munching! These would be fun to serve all spring long- especially if you were having a garden party. Or you could just have a whole "carrot" party with these cute jelly bean favors and crepe paper carrots from Martha! Maybe next year...

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