Saturday, November 6, 2010

Candy Day!

I know I am a little behind in getting this posted, but this week has been C-R-A-Z-Y. We had swimming lessons all week amongst a host of other things. I have not had a chance to post anything until today. I have several things I want to blog about, but I hate it when I spend 4 hours gettting a huge post together, so I figure I would just break it up. We started the day with one of our family traditions. We figure the kids get a ton of candy from everyone else, so instead of adding to the sugar high, we fill their bags with some fun surprises to start the activities.

Jocelyn is really into "writing". I loved the throw-back I got from the Smurfs. And yes, everything is from the "Dollar Spot" at Target. They always put that stuff on sale right before Halloween, so it serves our purposes well!
Carson got a Star Wars book and pens. They each got a pair of socks, and Josie got a glow "wand" while Carson got a glow "sword".

This was the best photo I got out of about 10 tries. I am soooo happy we had professional ones done. It is so hard to get a decent photo when they are so excited.
Carson found the harmonica before the photos. He was hilarious running around playing it in his costume. Jocelyn kept flapping her wand around, with all that ribbon it was kind of dangerous!
We went to the "Trunk or Treat" sponsered by the post Chapel. Our weather was phenomenal, and we have the most gorgeous scenery. You can definitely tell we are in Colorado! When we move off-post I will miss our mountain views.

This is how my kids really look. No nice faces here, only mischief is cooking!
Who knew Gene Simmons would be at the Trunk or Treat?! I thought this guy's costume was fabulous, but the kids were a little scared. I just have to admire any real guy who is not afraid to wear spandex in public!

The flying ladybug trying to dance off some of her energy before leaving for the Fall Festival at the church. She really did look like she was flitting around!

The dragon. Doesn't he just look like he is plotting something? Don't worry- he is!

Who gave the dragon a sword? He was chopping everything in sight and the sword had to be repaired before we even left the house! Thank goodness for Daddy and electrical tape.

Ready to attack... the candy! They were practically shivering with anticipation-I promise I didn't let them have any sugar before hand. We even tried to feed them real food before we left the house, but it didn't work.

Finally! Time to leave! It was difficult to contain all that excitement in a little car...

This year there were games to play at the church. Both the kids loved trying to catch the candy hanging from the ceilings with their mouths. I got some great action shots. Jocelyn was so pleased with herself once she finally got hold of hers.

Carson may have missed the instruction to not use his hands. But isn't the satisfied look on his face priceless?

This was a fun activity where the kids felt gross things behind the screens and tried to guess what they were. Jocelyn was a little creeped out by the cold spaghetti noodles she had her hand in!

Can you tell this is the end of the night? Between running around playing the games and sliding on the huge inflatable slides, costume pieces were shed everywhere! The sad faces are because it was time to go home and they just weren't ready. We all had a great night and we wrapped things up with $0.50 corn dogs at Sonic. And maybe some of that candy....


  1. Oh my goodness they are just THE cutest ladybug and dragon ever. Dragon in a stroller cracked me up.

    Looks like the kiddos had a great time, and I love all your dollar spot ideas! Halloween really can be a ton of fun. Even if guys in spandex ARE offering your kids candy :) ha ha!!!

  2. Glad to hear we weren't the only ones who took 10 million pictures to get at least one good one to turn out. =) It's crazy. =)

    Such cute costumes. Love 'em!

    ~ Jen

  3. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! Can I have kids as cute as yours someday?

    Looks like fun - the last shot with the pouts is funny too!



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