Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Jocelyn, on Her 5th Birthday

Dear Jocelyn,
It is hard to believe that another year has gone by so quickly! I told your dad today, I remember so clearly the day you were born. It just seems impossible that already in your short life, we have moved three times, your dad has been deployed twice and you acquired a brother!

In this year alone you have done some pretty amazing things. Teaching you to read has been an exciting (and I will admit, sometimes, exhausting) adventure. You only have six lessons left and soon we will be celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese! You also took ice-skating lessons again this year. Such a difference from when you took them last year. You passed with flying colors, and you are so anxious to take more. You also loved swimming lessons-after a summer at the "big pool" your dad and I agreed you needed a chance to really learn how to swim. We will definitely be taking more of those, too.

You pretty much love anything that involves other people-especially your friends. And it isn't hard for you to make friends. At church, at Awana, at VBS, at swimming lessons, in the play area at McDonald's (I love that you still call that place Chicken Nails-your own special made-up name)-you find friends everywhere. Because who could not love you? You are so full of life, eager to please, and with a love for fun. I am so proud to be your mom.

You have become so gracious this year. I love your gratitude for the little things. You always tell your dad "thanks" when we go to the movies or out to eat. You love to eat out as much as I do-and you love to go to the movies more! Renting a Redbox is always a special treat. You asked me one day, "Mom, do we have a Blu-Ray or a Redbox?" You are so full of questions. I don't mind (most of the time). You loved seeing "Tangled" today-your first movie in "3-G" as you call it. I am sure it won't be your last!

You really love learning. Reading is not your favorite, but you really seem to have a penchant for math. I am praying it lasts. You love to learn about the Bible, too. You are doing so well learning your verses for Awana, and you always ask such great questions when we read the Bible before bed. You are learning about how faithful God is, and praying is so natural for you. You never forget to pray before a meal, and I love how you started our family tradition of holding hands during prayer.

I could never cover all the ways you have grown this year in a single blog. You are quite the artist, always creating something. I never thought I would feel this way, but I want to save every piece. Especially the apology you wrote for me after you broke my little vases. It was mostly scribbles but you drew a special picture of a "Mommy-fly and a Josie-fly". It made me cry. You draw the prettiest dresses and people. You are creative with your toys, too. You love to make a little bed for Carson in a laundry basket and play house. You find new uses for all sorts of things! You are such a great big sister. Carson loves you, today he said, "These presents are for my friend, Josie". I can't believe how well the two of you get along.

Anyway, I hope you know that you are the best 5 year-old a mom could ask for. I love seeing you grow and learn and I am looking forward to this new year. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I am praying every day that soon you will come to know Jesus Christ as your Savior. You will bring the same dynamic love of life to that relationship and I know you can make a huge difference for the kingdom. I thank the Lord for the privilege of being your mom and how every day you help to make me a little more like Him. I love you, my Josie Posie. Happy Birthday.


  1. Awww this made me cry! I love Josie so much! And it really made me miss you guys! She is so big now! I remember when she was just born and how cute she was. Thanks for sharing how much she has grown! Happy Birthday Josie! I love you!

  2. Could you please write birthday letters to my kids! This was so sweet and you captured her so poetically. Love her just as much now as when you put her in my arms almost 5 years ago. Love you & your beautiful babies...

  3. How true & super sweet. Happy Birthday Josie--You are a special girl & a pleasure to be around :0).



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