Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tasty (Chocolate!) Turkeys

I have the pleasure of celebrating Thanksgiving at someone else's home-with food someone else is making! So, because my only two responsibilities are making the sweet potatoes (yum!) and bringing rolls, I have time to turn my attentions to other things. I decided that since most children don't really loves turkey, cranberry jelly, dressing or sweet potatoes, it might be fun to have something just for the kids. I saw these "turkey" desserts at Our Best Bites, but since Jocelyn's birthday is tomorrow and she has requested a different kind of cupcake, I didn't want to have to make two batches. Then I saw this cute turkey on a different site. But those called for mini moon pies and I couldn't find those at the store I was at. So I decided to make my own version!
I used:
-Little Debbie Chocolate Cremes
-Mini Oreos
-Mini Chocolate Chips
-Candy Corn (great use for those pieces left over from Halloween!)
-a simple white icing (I mixed a tiny bit of butter, a drop of vanilla, some powdered sugar and a little milk-I didn't want to make a whole batch, so just mix and add more sugar if it isn't thick enough)

I shoved candy corn into the creme layer of the snack cake. Since the kind I chose was basically two cookies with filling in between, it was really easy. Then I pulled a mini Oreo apart. I used the icing to stick the Oreo (white side up) to the snack cake. I used too much icing, you really only need a little. Then, I used a tiny dab of frosting on a mini chocolate chip to make the "pupil" on each eye.
Attach another candy corn with icing as the "beak" and ta-da! You have a happy Thanksgiving turkey that will be appreciated by all the children at your celebration. I plan on making these with the kids on Thursday. It should be a pretty easy craft for a 5 year-old, a 6 year-old and two closely supervised two year-old boys! I think they will enjoy it.

In other turkey-related news: here is my little turkey showing off some of her Thanksgiving crafts. Isn't that handprint/footprint turkey adorable? She is anxious to use her placemat for the holiday, too.

This is the photo where you can actually see his cute pompom turkey. I guess doing hands is still popular at Thanksgiving. I remember making my fair share of turkeys by tracing my hand. I was never that cute though!
This is the photo where you can see how adorable my son is. He just radiates cuteness-good thing he's mine!


  1. To Cute & SO easy! LOVE it:) May have my guys do something fun like that since we are going out of town on Thanksgiving. P.S. Happy Bday to the Pie, tell her to have LOTS of fun!

  2. You come up with *the* cutest things! I'm hoping I can remember to do such fun things with Connor is older! And yes your kids are completely and utterly adorable. But we wouldn't have expected less from your gene pool ;)

  3. Too cute and they look delicious as well considering I like every 'sweet' on the turkey! Happy Birthday Josie! And Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  4. Sooooo, saw another cute handprint Thanksgiving idea. You need:
    brown, red, orange, green, & yellow construction paper (9x12 size) & glue.

    The brown paper is cut in the shape of a trunk on it you write I'm thankful for.

    Then trace their hands on the yellow, orange, green, & red papers. On each hand they write soemthing they are thankful for.

    Finally, glue the hands with messages to the trunk with message & you have a thankful tree!

    So cute...a 3rd Grade teacher did it at RVES with her class, super cute!!!

    I love your handprint/footprint turkeys. I do one at Christmas but it's a reindeer (footprint is head, add wiggle eyes, a red pom-pom nose, and handprints are the antlers). I use paper though, not paint (a teacher's NIGHTMARE--22 kids with painted feet & hands--just typing it makes my eye twitch, LOL!!).

  5. I did ones with cupcakes last year. Mine seem MUCH harder than yours. Turkey treats are fun. =) Yours are cute! =)

    ~ Jen



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