Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tiny Baby Shower

One of my friends is having a baby. I do not care whether you have had one child or 20, you deserve a shower. A new life merits a celebration all his or her own! So, my friend Sarah and I started planning a shower together when we found out Denise was pregnant. I had shared an idea for a tiny party with her(I had seen such a cute one here). I would have loved to throw a "tiny birthday", but both my kids are a little past that stage. Sarah used the theme for her youngest's first birthday, and then she had the idea to use as a baby shower for her sister-in-law. Of course, since she had so much experience, we knew it would be the perfect theme for Denise. The gender of the baby is a surprise, and it is so hard to find neutral ANYTHING anymore. We were delighted to find the colors of the nursery were primary- so easy! The first thing I made was the banner- a "tiny" one- and it was so perfect. I used craft foam sheets-from the dollar store. Combined with little chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby and hot-glued to white ribbon, it turned out just like I had imagined.
I was also in charge of game prizes. That proved a little more tricky. Thanks to some guidance from my creative sister, Robyn, I finally came up with a solution.

I decorated each tiny bag (from Hobby Lobby) with decorative tape. That tape was so cool I included a roll in each prize. I am definitely getting more of that! It may be a scrap booking thing, but I can think of a ton of uses for it. I put in two small magnets and a tiny binder clip (those and the tape matched and were all from Michael's) and then I couldn't resist adding a new yummy cupcake scented hand sanitizer from Bath and Body. The last and perfect piece was a tiny Tootsie pop! They were a big hit with all the winners.

I didn't get a chance to get any photos without the guests in the way. I should have taken more pics of the table, too. I used a duvet cover from Ikea as the tablecloth. Sarah did the mini cupcakes. I brought tiny caramel apples, no photos because they didn't turn out quite right. I realized that a cookie scoop is NOT an appropriate substitute for a melon-baller! I wrapped all the forks in napkins and tied them with a bow- that was really cute. It is hard to see-they are in the box on the left.

A slightly better photo of the table. The sun coming in from the high windows in the living room (not my house, obviously- a sweet friend provided her's) made the photos really shadowy. Tiny balloons in tiny vases with flowers made great centerpieces.
A great woman from our Lifegroup made the favors and the water bottle labels. She did such a good job! The cradle I snagged from Josie's room.

I was SO pleased with how the pom-poms turned out! I found the directions for napkin holder ones and adjusted it to make mine to hang. They made it perfect. I borrowed some of Carson's primary colored toys for more decor, his blocks to spell out "Congratulations Denise" and the big blue drink bucket usually holds his stuffed animals. The drinks were cute, too: tiny water, and little cans of orange sodas (the expecting mom's favorite), Sprite (the green and orange matched the party) and then another guest brought little Cokes. I love a tiny can! Yeah, the tacky Wendy's cup is mine. I should be fired... The "caramel apples" are on the red tray.

Here is a better photo of the water bottles. The girl from Lifegroup relabeled 48 bottles!

The backs are hard to read, but they say "hugs 100%, kisses 100%, joy 100%, cuddles 100% ingredients: unconditional love" . So cute!

The kids had seen me working on all the decorations, so when I brought everything home, they had their own "baby shower" Jocelyn put it all together. I guess they were expecting a lot of guests. In all the shower was absolutely charming- if I do say so myself!


  1. Those were all such cute ideas! Loved how everything looked. You are getting so crafty, I'm so proud!

  2. Looks like your tiny shower was a big hit?! Everything is completely adorable, and I'm totally impressed. I've been dying to do something crafty but lacking inspiration.

    Your mom and I went to the Christmas Craft show the fairgrounds and there were TONS of cute things. I told her, "It's not that I can't make things, it's that I can't think them up." This one lady make ADORABLE Christmas ornaments out of soup can (or any can) tops. Seriously? Who thinks up this stuff? Anyhow, I'm perusing the web for inspiration. Watch out, it could strike at any moment.

  3. I think the shower turned out great! I had a lot of fun putting it together with you, we should do more parties! Not so soon though, after 2 baby showers, and a birthday party in one month, I am ready for a break!

  4. Eek! How absolutely adorable! I looove that cupcake cream hand sanitizer! I put some on at school and my english professor loved it, so I took her some as a happy today and she was very excited. The whole shower was super cute, good job!



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