Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Swim, Little Fishies

This summer we visited the outdoor pool on post quite frequently. The kids loved the water, and the pool provides life vests for them to use, so it was safe and fun. However, I knew that they would enjoy and benefit from, taking swim classes. I signed up in September, but the classes are popular so we didn't start until November! The kids (and I ) weren't quite sure what to expect the first day. We got there early and they eyeballed the water.
Carson and I participated in a "Mommy and Me" class where I was with him in the water the whole time. Jocelyn took "real" lessons and was in the pool with her teacher. Neither one of them is afraid of water, so it was great.

I took photos of Josie the first day, but I realized that I didn't have any of Carson because he can't be in the water by himself. So who did I turn to?

See the little foot on the right side of the photo? That is my personal paparazzi-Josie. She took over 70 photos- it was so cute watching her try to get Carson to look at the camera! She took all the pictures with me in them. She got a couple of decent ones-especially considering she isn't even 5 and this was her first time using my camera. She loved asking Carson to put his face under water (something he is really good at).

He was really a natural. He was a little older than most of the kids in his class, and he was the teacher's favorite. Carson learned how to blow bubbles, put his face underwater, kick with his legs while "crawling" with his arms (beginner steps to swimming), floating on his front and back and singing. They did lots of motion songs to help them learn how to move in the water and not be afraid to be splashed.

The other wonderful thing about swimming: it exhausts the kids! They both took a nap every day. The downside: I was exhausted after swimming! It is hard work hauling around a 30 lb. two-year old in 4 feet of water. But it was worth it.
Jocelyn on her last day. Aunt Robyn sent her the cutie yellow ruffled swimsuit. That must be the
"in" style, since two of the girls in Carson's class had ruffled yellow swimsuits. So cute!
Jocelyn adored the whole experience. Her teachers were wonderful. She learned how to float (by herself) on her front and back, get in and out of the pool, jump in, and basic swimming strokes. Here she is doing what they call "soldier, chicken, airplane". It was so funny watching her stick her arms by her side (soldier) then tuck her hands by her armpits (chicken) and finally stick them out straight (airplane) all the while calling out those words so she could remember to do the motions. We will definitely be taking more swimming lessons. It was so fun for everybody! But first, I need a break...


  1. Of COURSE Carson was the teachers favorite!! And of course Josie's favorite Aunt had her swimming "in style";) Gotta take care of my cuties!

  2. Oh, I miss swimming...I miss summer! Yay for Carson & Josie learning how to swim. Soon you can watch from a lounge chair & get a tan :0).



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