Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am tired of inferiority. I have a complex and it is time to do away with it. I just have to believe that the Lord did not create me as a lesser person. I am constantly comparing myself to everyone I know and I am tired of it. I am also sure that everyone who knows me wishes I would quit talking about all the things that I wish I was. I am going to focus instead on what I already am and what I know God wants me to be. Therefore, in the spirit of appreciating what I already have I am going to brag on myself. Lisa Dawn (my very wise younger sister) informed that constantly going around deriding all my accomplishments and talents is not honoring to God. It is a false humility that seeks compliments and is not advantageous to anyone. Instead, know that as the song says "You make everything glorious, and I am Yours... so what does that make me?" Well the obvious answer is GLORIOUS! That is an exciting thought. So here it is... a list of things I think I do well. Don't laugh!
1. I organize clothes well.
2. I do a really thorough bathroom cleaning!
3. I really love my kids...even if I do allow my toddler to live on chicken nuggets. :)
4. I am always willing to help my family and friends.
5. I am honest about small things (I always give money back to cashiers!)
6. I am extremely passionate (can also be a negative, but we won't talk about that!)
7. I am very loyal.
8. I truly love the Lord and am very committed to trying to become more like Him.
9. I am always eager to get involved.
10. I make a mean Rice Krispy Treat.
11. I can be very thoughtful.
12. I write nice thank-you notes.

This is not a complete list, and I know it looks like I am filling out a profile for Match.com. Sometimes though I just think that it is okay to step back and tell ourselves that God doesn't make mistakes so we need to rejoice in the things we do well. We don't have to brag, but we don't have to constantly downplay our attributes and belittle ourselves. As another song says, "Thank You God for making me, ME!"


  1. Oh sweetie I'm so sorry you're having an inferiority complex. I think it's normal, but Lisa Dawn (LOVE her) is entirely right. God knew us before He formed us and He doesn't make 'lesser quality'.

    You are beautiful, and trendy. Ridiculously intelligent, HILARIOUS, creative, thoughtful, loving, caring, giving, a total blast to converse with, and incredibly fun to be around. Just to name a few (and yes, I know you weren't fishing for compliments, but they're so easy to hand out when it's concerning you).

    If you want examples of any of the above, I'll GLADLY provide them. I sure do miss all of you and wish you lived near me.

    "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you....being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."
    Philippians 1: 3&6

  2. Lara!
    You know I want to be just like you when I grow up:) So you can't be all that bad. I thought your list was SO truly you. My phone plays you make everything glorious when Steve calls. I am not sure that is an appropriate connection but I do LOVE that song (or anything else by David Crowder Band!) Your blog Looks AWESOME I am going to have do some housekeeping on mine to stay up to par. Love ya~ME



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