Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crazy Cat Lady

So, just if you thought my life was perfect (in which case I will know you have not read any of my other posts) I had one of those days. It did not start out as one of those days, but it definitely turned into one! I had things pretty well together. I had a lunch date that got cancelled, but that was okay because I always have a to-do list a mile long. So, I did all right this morning. Josie had a really yucky accident in her big girl panties, and she spilled cereal all over the floor and she cut a piece of paper in a million pieces but unfortunately those are normal occurrences in our house. So, we made lunch and Josie went upstairs to take a nap (yeah right, that sooo didn't happen).

Anyhoo, to wind up my long story, we are getting all ready for Awana. Josie's ready, I'm ready, Carson is in his car seat (hey, when you are bald and 5 months you are always ready). Then I realize I need to make up a little project in case I have extra time during Handbook session. That's where the kids recite their verses in case you didn't know and sometimes you need a little filler. Anyway, I found this great site where all you have to do is enter words and it creates puzzles. I think , "perfect, this will take exactly 60 seconds". That is when tragedy struck. Okay, so maybe I am being a little melodramatic, but you don't know, you weren't here! Josie is really into opening doors lately, and she is absolutely obsessed with propping open the screen door. So she is standing in the door and I am furiously typing when she comes over and says, "There's my kitty, in the house." And I am nodding, not paying attention, and she says, "My kitty went upstairs." Fortunately, then I look at her and realize that I should be paying attention. I try to interpret her bizarre 2 1/2 year old speech (see previous post) and finally I say what any good mom would say, "I will go look for your kitty upstairs". I am thinking maybe a stuffed animal, possibly an imaginary friend, when it hits me that it is probably this same gray stray that got in our truck the other day when I was loading the kids. Then I got a little panicked. I mean, who knows what this animal is carrying around? With thoughts of fleas, ticks and rabies dancing in my head I start looking everywhere. Sure enough, sitting at the top of the stairs and acting as if it owned the place, is the same cat. I am NOT an animal person, so I chase the cat down the stairs, through the living room, through the kitchen, back upstairs into the bathroom, Josie's room and back down the stairs. I finally chase it outside and I am racing back in the house, when the cat (who is obviously faster than I am) flies past me BACK INTO THE HOUSE! I grab the broom, do it all over again. The old adage of catching more flies with honey enters my brain and I grab a piece of lunch meat (anyone who knows anything about cats is probably laughing at me by now, but I did my best!).That doesn't work either! I finally grab the stupid thing by the neck (did I mention that I am not an animal person?) I haul the cat down the stairs (I suppose I should be thankful it didn't scratch/bite/infect me with a dreaded disease) and yell to Josie, "Shut the door as fast as you can as soon as Mommy gets the kitty outside!"

Success! I walk back around our building, because I didn't want to risk letting it back in. I get to the back door and Josie is holding my cell and announces, "Your phone is ringing!" That's right! My deployed husband called in the 2 minutes I was outside! Sometimes it seems if it weren't for bad luck I wouldn't have any! I am still trying at this moment to remember to give thanks in all circumstances. I suppose I can be thankful there weren't 2 cats!


  1. Clare,
    Thanks for the laughter! Kelly and I were both laughing out loud even though I had already heard the story! You might get a few comments from those "cat lovers" out there. Love Ya, MOM

  2. I don't know about cats, but Cory's Aunt Pam just told us tonight that her son and his family got a bassett hound puppy. I am GREEN with envy. She wants, she wants! :)



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